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  • Carl Stokes remembered: Reader memories
  • The Plain Dealer asked its readers for their memories of Carl Stokes. To find a particular person's letter, select from the index below, or read the whole list. This post contains letters from: Michael Alexander, Bob Bennett, Phyllis Bullock, George W. Demarest Jr., Jeanne Evers, William D. Fissinger, Vic Gelb, Pat Grooms, Homer E. Guren, Jerry Herman, Anne Hydock, Frank...

    The Plain Dealer asked its readers for their memories of Carl Stokes. To find a particular person's letter, select from the index below, or read the whole list.

    This post contains letters from: Michael Alexander, Bob Bennett, Phyllis Bullock, George W. Demarest Jr., Jeanne Evers, William D. Fissinger, Vic Gelb, Pat Grooms, Homer E. Guren, Jerry Herman, Anne Hydock, Frank Jancura, Sandra M. Johnson, Tammy L. Kennedy, Sharon Liggins-Smalls, Terry Greene Luria, David McCann, Kathy Pierce, Barbara Rook, Timothy H. Smith, Bill Webster.

    These letters from Plain Dealer readers about their memories of Carl Stokes are available as PDF downloads only: Annie Rucker; Barbara Robinson; Marian Pledger; Robert Madison; Agnes Lyles; Thurley Khoury; Michelle Holmes; Leonard Davis; Bob Paine; Barbara Caffie; Bert Jennings.

    Michael Alexander

    Michael Alexander now lives in University Circle

    In the fall of 1967, the smoke had just cleared and dust settled of the Hough riots a year earlier. As a kid of 10, I watched a small swarm of well dressed dignitaries and media descend on what is now Garrett Square at Lakeview and Superior.

    Unbeknownst to those of us there, we were within a couple blocks from the flash point of the Glenville riots that would breakout the following year. In-between Cleveland's deadly bookends of civil unrest were the hopes and dreams of city blacks riding on the shoulders of Carl B. Stokes.

    It just so happened that a pack of my grade school classmates and I from St. Agatha's (now the Martin de Porres Center) crossed the street during lunchtime to go to a little hole in the wall known as the Chicken Wing Shack. It was there where the Stokes entourage convened.

    The up incoming mayoral candidate spoke of broad visions of development of the area. His focus was the nearby vast acreage of old abandoned CTS bus barn buildings. Amidst the commotion and wolfing down drenched in BBQ sauce 15 cent wings was the low murmur of the Shack might be closing and torn down as well.

    I barely managed to wipe off my hands before Stokes worked his way over to me. His winning smile led a multitude of handshakes during the photo op with neighborhood folk.

    Later that day I told my parents I shook hands with him. They proceeded to go on and on how things for "Negroes" were looking up. Carl Stokes running for mayor of Cleveland was of ongoing grand equation. They reiterated how much change for black people has happened since their relocation from the south during the 1950s.

    Me, in time I got over the eventual loss the shack and those tasty wings. The nuns of my school stopped fussing over us leaving bones all over the playground. But those very same nuns of the Dominican Order gave us insight of social change we inner city kids could be part of. We were in encouraged to read the papers and watch the news on Carl Stokes and the other candidates. This led to further discussion and expressed opinion among ourselves about the power of the ballot box.

    My being able to vote wouldn't occur until the mid 70s. With Stokes on the rise, we were all witnesses to the dynamic change of Cleveland's political landscape. Stokes brought my first taste of how much we kids may end up shaping the future.

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    Sister Alicia Alvarado

    Sister Alicia Alvarado, O.P., lives in Cleveland

    I was a junior at St. Stephen High School in 1967 when Carl Stokes was elected mayor of the city of Cleveland. What an exciting and memorable time in the history of this city and in my life. Yes, I was there and yes I worked on his campaign.

    I remembered the small storefront at the corner of Fulton and Bridge Avenues that was used as the Stokes campaign office in the Hispanic community. I spent hours there on the phones and sealing envelopes for all the mailings sent in Spanish to the Latino voters. All of us who worked on his campaign were so very proud to be a part of the history in the making: Moises Maldonado, now deceased, Andres Castro, Aurea Rivera and so many others.

    There was so much positive chatter in the Latino community for this man, who captured all of our hearts. He looked just like one of us and we gave his campaign our all. No other candidate has come close to what we in the Hispanic community did to help elect Carl Stokes as the first black mayor of a major city. We were and are very proud to have been there and done what we did.

    My life was completely changed because of that election. I learned then that if I worked diligently for something that I truly believed in, it would come to fruition. It did then, and it continues to happen today! I stand tall and proud because of Carl Stokes and I thank God for giving me the experience and the honor to have worked on the Stokes campaign for Mayor.

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    Bob Bennett

    Bob Bennett is chairman of the Ohio Republican Party

    As the campaign manager for Seth Taft in 1967, I remember many things about Carl Stokes. First of all, he wasn't the candidate we thought we were going to have to run against! Before the primary, I remember Seth hoping that he would receive Carl's endorsement afterwards. Obviously, that did not go the way we thought it would, and he went on to win the general election by 1200 votes.

    He was a politician who had style and class. I can remember he and Seth going back and forth with each other, but it never was personal and the two grew very close, and continued to work together to better the city of Cleveland.

    While his election was a historic victory for the African American community, the contest wasn't about race. While it could have easily devolved into a highly negative contest. He broke down the barriers and paved the way for the future. He genuinely cared about our city and always tried to do what was best.

    In a business where it can be hard for the nice guys to succeed, it was nice to see Carl and Seth succeed.

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    Phyllis Bullock

    Phyllis Bullock lives in Lakewood

    It was the year that Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy were assassinated. In the auditorium of John Carroll University, a group of participants and their host families of the Cleveland International Program had gathered for a farewell program and party.

    The social worker participants were returning to their home countries after working in agencies for four months. At the podium, Mayor Carl Stokes was expressing his good wishes and appreciation of their efforts in the city's agencies.

    A loud "bang" rang out. The dead silence, an atmosphere of apprehension, and fear was broken when the Mayor smiled his dimpled grin and commented, "That was a balloon breaking. For a moment, I thought they were down to mayors."

    Sighs of relief followed, and our foreign visitors (and we) were impressed by Carl Stokes graciousness and humor.

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    George W. Demarest Jr.

    It was the mid sixties.

    I was a white guy from New York City, a Navy vet.

    I met and married a Cleveland girl. We lived in Parma.

    I was in the convention business. Lucky for me, Carl Stokes appointed me Deputy General Manager at the Convention Center. I was apolitical, but had the backing of labor, business, and the client base for the job. Those were the days when Cleveland was alive downtown and we were in the top ten for convention business.

    Those were great years. Cleveland was coming together and downtown was alive. When Council President Jim Stanton and the Press and the Plain Dealer joined together in supporting Carl Stokes, the city was on its way. People from both sides of the city bonded together. We survived riots and we united.

    What happened? We need leaders like Carl Stokes today.

    I'm glad to have known Carl Stokes and to have worked for him.

    Cleveland was never better!

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    Jeanne Evers

    This Plain Dealer file photo of Mayor Carl Stokes meeting the cast of Up With People ran in the paper recently along with a note requesting reader memories.
    When I turned to the Forum section in Tuesday morning's paper, I literally gasped! To the question "Were you there?" I replied out loud: YOU BET I WAS!!!!!!!!!!

    I was a member of that Up With People! cast that met with Mayor Stokes that day - and the only Clevelander in the group, I might add! Gosh, it brought back wonderful memories!!!!!!

    How i WISH that I had something interesting, or worthwhile to say about the event, but the one thing that I CAN say is that I distinctly remember how very proud I was to be a Clevelander that day!

    I also remember the "Cleveland Now" button that the mayor has on his lapel (right under the Up With People! button) and, if my memory serves me right, we all received one.

    Cleveland was the first big city on what turned out to be an 18 month stint with Up With People! for me. We were here for about eight days and performed at a lot of parks around the city, and also performed at the Edgewater Park Festival of Freedom on July 4th! WOW! Now THAT was a BLAST!! It was an unbelievable gift to be able to perform in MY HOME TOWN, for all of my family and friends, while getting to meet so many other terrific Clevelanders!

    The whole cast had a great time, too! We always stayed in the homes of folks in the different cities where we performed, and Cleveland was no exception! The reception that we got from Clevelanders was warm and very supportive!

    I (of COURSE) just have to end this email the way we began and ended EVERY performance:

    Up, up with people!
    You meet them wherever you go.
    Up, up with people!
    They're the best kind of folks to know!
    If more people were for people -
    All people everywhere,
    There'd be a lot less people to worry about
    And a lot more people who care........
    There'd be a LOT LESS people to worry about
    And a LOT MORE people who CARE!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks so much for this trip down memory lane!!!!!!!!

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    William D. Fissinger

    William D. Fissinger lives in Hudson

    When Carl Stokes was Mayor of Cleveland, I was Vice President for Development at John Carroll University and my work frequently involved me with the civic community, where Stokes was an important presence.

    I admired him from afar for the leadership he was giving his city and the courage he displayed during the Hough riots in the Sixties. I got an up-close and very personal look at his effective style at a meeting sponsored by local colleges to motivate black high school students to pursue higher education.

    From the moment he began speaking, Carl's young audience a treated him like a rock star, hanging on every word. What they received was a message of opportunity and hope, rather than a recounting of grievances. While acknowledging the barriers to meaningful employment blacks had suffered over the years, he said his election was a sign that new thinking was on the way and if they would work hard and get an education they would be able to take advantage of a better world that was in the making.

    Carl illustrated his point with a story told with a wry sense of humor. He described the work of a group he sponsored to elevate black employment from the ranks of janitors and kitchen workers to salaried positions in Cleveland firms and corporations. He participated at a meeting with one of the largest local banks to pressure them into putting a black into a management level job.

    "They thought it was a good idea," Carl said. "They told us there was an accounting job open and as soon as we got someone in there they would hire him. We thanked them and promised to follow through fast. The problem was that the only one we could find who met the banks' requirements already had a job he had to quit to take the bank position."

    The young people got the point. The mayor and his colleagues would work to open up employment opportunities for them, but they had to do their part by getting a good education so they would qualify for them.

    After answering questions from the students, Carl moved among the young people, shaking hands and asking questions about their families and school life. They had found the leader they were looking for.

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    Vic Gelb

    Vic Gelb lives in Moreland Hills

    Carl Stokes was one of the most charismatic persons I have ever known. His smile and charm lit up the room.

    During his first term, I was his chairman of the Mayor's Council on Youth Opportunity, with one of its responsibilities being to allocate a million dollars in Cleveland Now money to the neighborhoods.

    It was an exciting and challenging time for his administration.

    On a personal basis, both Carl and I paid particular attention to men's clothing styles. We always checked out what each of us was wearing. He was tough competition.

    Carl was an original. He had much more to "give" than we got. No successor has been his equal in style and elegance.

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    Pat Grooms

    I was a young teenager when Carl Stokes was running for mayor. I did not understand, at that time, what being a mayor meant. I knew the person elected would take care of the city. I did, however, understand how important it was to my friends and family that the man being
    considered for this job was a black man.

    We were in the midst of many civil right issues, causes and movements. While not directly impacted by many of the issues I knew enough to know races were not treated equally. I questioned why no people of color were ever on television or in commercials. I wondered if people thought we didn't shampoo, take baths, wear makeup, eat, play, all the things white people did in commercials. Why people of color were not teachers in my school but only janitors and cafeteria aids. Why so many friends and family members complained of unfair treatment due to the color of their skin.

    It was obvious that we were not considered equal and not worthy. That kind of treatment will break a person, ruin a community and take away any sense of pride.

    I can remember the excitement on our street when it was reported that Carl Stokes was running. The realization that we, as a race, were finally being recognized, that someone was going to represent us, made us all feel a sense of pride. I don't think we knew we were
    experiencing a sense of pride, we knew it felt good. Carl proved to many people that there were African Americans who were capable, educated, well spoken and able to do the work previously performed only by a white man.

    My father met him while he was campaigning. He was impressed with his sincerity, his vision, his sense of being part of the community and his ability to understand and accept what being mayor meant to us all.

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    Homer E. Guren

    Homer E. Guren lives in Cleveland

    Carl " The Charmer"

    I operated the Terminal Tower at the time Carl left office and he leased space at a very nominal rental, but of course he had no furniture. He saw this wonderful antique desk that we had in our operation room and charmed us into loaning it to him until he got his own furniture. It was an heirloom.

    The last time I saw it, by accident, is when it was displayed on his front lawn on Larchmere at his house. But I feel great when I remember his beguiling personality, sensational smile, and great laugh.

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    Jerry Herman

    Jerry Herman lives in Cleveland

    While Carl was running for mayor, he had his campaign office in the Rockefeller Building, and at the time I was one of the owners and had my office in the building.

    Carl and I were friends. One day he holds a press conference to say he heard that there is a rumor going around that he is black and he wanted to set the record straight that he has always been black, is still black and intends to remain black.

    When I heard it I sent him a telegram saying, "Carl I was shocked to learn that have been, you still are and intend to remain black, henceforth, please use the rear entrance to the building. When he called me he was laughing so hard he could hardly talk. Great guy.

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    Anne Hydock

    At the age of 10, I remember hoping that Carl Stokes would become mayor of Cleveland and, more importantly, the first African American mayor of our city.

    I made a few banners and my sister, Kathy (age 8 at the time) and I marched around the predominantly Caucasian neighborhood of West Park/Kamm's Corners cheering for Carl Stokes!

    We were definitely making a statement. And Mayor Stokes was a catalyst for change.

    The reason this impacted me was because of a family trip to Florida the year before in 1966. At the age of 9, little did I know about the Civil Rights Movement or racism.

    In Georgia, I saw signs on water fountains and gas station restrooms that said, "Whites Only". I didn't understand what that meant and when my parents explained it, I thought it was cruel that the Blacks were treated differently from Whites.

    A few years ago, I had the occasion to meet Congressman Louis Stokes and told him my activist cheerleading story. He chuckled and thanked me for supporting his brother.

    Mom & Dad: Thank you for teaching us that there is good in everyone.

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    Frank Jancura

    Frank Jancura lives in Strongsville

    My recollection of Mayor Stokes is about 40 years old. As a young, idealistic new educator in the Cleveland Public Schools, the belief was held that a major personal impact could be made on society's ills, especially prejudice and injustice.

    My first teaching job was at East High. I got my baptism of fire by way of the Hough riots. One faculty member turned out to have strong Black Nationalist philosophies. She was able to help in forcing a school assembly where a great deal of incendiary rhetoric filled the air. The student body and faculty were in turmoil.

    Still, with rose-colored glasses firmly affixed, I recall sitting on the front steps of the school and talking to a gentleman named Sababa Bile. I hope time excuses me for any incorrect spelling of his name. No doubt, this man was both a Black Nationalist and a passionate activist. He was also a 'gentleman' because we sat for an hour, like old friends, and discussed solutions. His was very forthright: implement a Black History class in the curriculum. He didn't ask for more Afro-American faculty or a free lunch program. He asked for one thing, that in hindsight, should have already been in place for the students.

    Our conversation didn't alter the outcome. The Hough riots came and went and people were hurt and killed and properties were damaged and destroyed.

    After things quieted down, classes started again, but the building was tense and filled with fear and anxiety. As my English class was settling in to its assignment, the classroom door suddenly opened and I was blinded by bright light. Until the men stepped in to the room, I did not realize that these were camera lights from one of the local TV stations.

    The biggest surprise came when I recognized Mayor Carl Stokes in the group. With a broad smile on his face, he approached me to say hello and have a momentary chat. Then he turned his attention to the wide-eyed faces of the young people who needed to hear from him the most. He reassured them that he would work hard to allow them to get their education in an appropriate setting, with no fear, with no anxiety----"just take care of business and things will be OK," he said.

    In just a brief stop he touched the pulse of the school. We felt like we didn't have to keep holding our collective breath. His presence, his charisma and his words will always stay with me.

    Somehow, both teacher and students realized we were in the presence of a good man.

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    Sandra M. Johnson

    Sandra M. Johnson lives in Westlake

    Growing up in Jacksonville, Florida I can recall vividly sitting in my Mother's Beauty Shop after school reading current issues of both Ebony and Jet Magazines while she worked. In fact, I can still hear her telling me, "Do not grow up to be shiftless, irresponsible and lazy" Rather, "Always be on time; look people straight in the eye when addressing them; and remember to stand up for your rights."

    Simultaneously, my Dad took a more global perspective as a Pullman Porter who traveled extensively. However, the same basic principles were ingrained in both his thoughts and teachings as well. Simply put, his posture was, "You can be anything you want to be -- just get a good education."

    Today, those guiding principles have remained with me throughout my formal education and professional career spanning many years in multiple states.

    Clearly, that entire 1960's era during my formative years revolved around The Civil Rights Movement, The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and all that entailed, including lifting one's self up by your own bootstraps mentality. Further, the "We Shall Overcome Mantra" prevailed and ultimately permeated our lives -- day by day.

    Therefore, when Carl Burton Stokes was elected Mayor of Cleveland in 1967, this was genuine evidence that if you persevered, worked diligently and educated yourself -- success could be yours. His election was a historic groundswell, no doubt. Yet, in the black community it was much more, a very momentous occasion. Just think, elected as the First African American Mayor of a Major Metropolitan City in the United States of America. By this time, I was living in Detroit, Mich. Although my parents and I talked about this great accomplishment with pride and what it meant in terms of unlimited opportunities for all blacks.

    Years later after settling in Cleveland, I had a rare opportunity to meet and chat informally with Carl Stokes. It was on one of his trips from anchoring in New York City to attend a Desegregation Program at The Greater Cleveland Interchurch Council hosted by The Rev. Dr. Donald Jacobs and the Rev. Joan Campbell.

    A brief encounter perhaps, yet the memory will always be indelible. In fact, I can still remember Carl's easy smile; a twinkle in his eyes as if he knew something no one else was privy to -- and all the charm and charisma to fill the entire room. What a personable man!

    Fast forward three decades later, I have grown to know Congressman Louis Stokes far better via The Phillis Wheatley Association; The Black Congressional Caucus; Case Western Reserve University; Leadership Cleveland ; The Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority and a cadre of civic, cultural, educational and social service organizations. Of course, Congressman Stokes possesses the same disarming demeanor as Carl. Stated differently, making one feel as if you were the most important person in the room.

    While the Stokes Brothers' political histories and close camaraderie as siblings will forever be intertwined, I strongly suspect their Mother, Mrs. Louise Stokes instilled many of the same mores my Mother shared so many years ago. And so, it comes to past from those days in Lucye's Beauty Kit to as recently as Sept. 13, 2007, at the dedication of The Louis Stokes Museum, I have truly met two American Living Legends -- Carl Burton Stokes and Louis Stokes.

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    Tammy L. Kennedy

    When I was about 10 years old my friend Sharon and I went to see Aretha Franklin downtown. We hopped onstage and went backstage to meet her after the show was over.

    Security stopped us when we got backstage and asked us to leave. Quick witted, I told them that Carl Stokes was my father. Just as we were headed to Aretha's dressing room the mayor came downstairs and he played along with me like he was our father and lead us to her dressing room.

    Aretha came out and gave Sharon and I a rose. Boy did we feel special that day.

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    Sharon Liggins-Smalls

    Sharon Liggins-Smalls lives in Macedonia

    Remembering Stokes, the 1st black mayor of Cleveland brings many fond memories of black pride when I was a little girl growing up in the Lee-Harvard neighborhood.

    Forty years later, his election still sends chills up my spine. Not only was it a historic ground breaking for the leadership in our city but our country. The Stokes family was very instrumental in me becoming a registered voter and my interest in government and politics.

    It was a time when black and white residents took pride in doing things like mowing their lawn and picking up the trash. When couples walked hand in hand, got dressed up and went out on the town to support the arts and cultural events.

    Blacks were unified and a strong ethnic group of people. They patronized black businesses in their neighborhoods. When neighbors were neighbors and cared and looked out for our youth.

    In the Stokes days, parents brought up children who were respectful to each other, their parents and elders. They treated property as their own. It was a time when parents insisted that their children attend church, got a good education and demanded a positive change. There was a strong political base in the community. There was more social consciousness among our youth.

    Growing up, several politicians like Arnold Pinkney and Stokes invested in Cleveland, the city in which they lived. They helped improve residential streets like the Lee-Harvard neighborhood.

    Youngsters went to the library and participated in summer reading programs. Families sat down and ate dinner together. Mothers incorporated fruits, salads and vegetables in their children's meals. Fast food was a delicacy not a staple. There were two-parent households.

    Downtown Cleveland offered entertainment, many restaurants and stores to shop for people of all walks of life. The city of Cleveland was a clean safe city that had many jobs and opportunities. Because of Stokes leadership, the city of Cleveland became a progressive city and a proud city to live!

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    Terry Greene Luria

    Terry Greene Luria lives in Shaker Heights

    I moved to Cleveland from New Orleans in early 1967. I was 23 years old. Growing up in New Orleans and experiencing racial inequality there and attending the very liberal University of Wisconsin for three years, I was ready to help change the world and saw politics as the means to that end.

    When I got here, Carl Stokes was running for mayor. What an incredible opportunity! To be involved in the mayoral election of the first black mayor of a major U.S. city. WOW!

    My friends and I worked on the campaign from the grass roots level. I campaigned for him door to door, handing out literature and information. I worked at his campaign office, calling people to get out the vote and solicit funds, sending out mailings and answering questions for people who came to the headquarters.

    A close (female) friend of mine and I gave a party for him in Cleveland Heights at the height of his campaign. I will never forget Carl. If you look up charismatic in the dictionary, there should be a big picture of Carl Stokes. He was the most charming, handsome, debonair man I ever met.

    He made everyone feel they were the only person in the room and that they alone were the reason for his success.

    We were all crazy about him and Carl relished every moment of it. He arrived at our party late with his entourage and there was a feeling of wonderment that overcame everyone in his presence. I consider myself very lucky for having been there for this piece of history.

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    David McCann

    David McCann lives in Akron

    My heart has always been with the Cleveland area having grown up in Warrensville Heights in the late 50's. In 1959, when our family moved south to what was real country - Bath Township - our family's focus was still on Cleveland.

    Dad worked for D&B Products on Denison Avenue in the Flats.

    I fondly remember as a kid reading about Carl Stokes victory over Ralph Locher - as I saw Stokes as the man with the smile and his opponent as a rather dour man.

    In the winter of 1970 - as concerns about the environment were gaining attention among the politicians- as a freshman in high school, our biology class was required to complete a research paper about the efforts of government and industry to improve environmental conditions.

    Let the letter writing begin - Jones and Laughlin Steel, Republic Steel, and the mayor of Cleveland were on my list.

    As fate would have it, my folks were having dinner at the Kon Tiki restaurant at Public Square, and there was Mayor Stokes. My father, never to let a moment go by where he can introduce himself to dignitaries, walked over and introduced himself to the mayor, and, bless his heart, asked the mayor whether he had gotten a letter from me, his 14 year old son.

    "Yes!" said the mayor quite enthusiastically. Pulling out a business card, he addressed a brief comment to me that a full letter about his administration's environmental policies would be forthcoming.

    The letter arrived. I was delighted as it completed the report.

    I got an "A" on that report.

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    Fred McGunagle

    Fred McGunagle is a former Cleveland Press reporter.

    There I was, my forearms on the shoulder blades of the mayor of Cleveland, desperately pushing because if I left any space between us I would be knocked aside by the swaying, celebrating crowd

    Ralph Locher, in turn, pushed his detective bodyguard, who plunged ahead like a blocking back clearing the way through tacklers so that Locher could congratulate the winner of the 1967 Democratic primary for mayor - Carl Stokes.

    As city hall reporter for the Cleveland Press, I had just watched Locher concede the election in front of his dejected supporters at the Pick-Carter Hotel. Now, with Locher's wife Eleanor, we piled into the mayor's car and headed for the Rockefeller Building. We knew it was going to be bedlam when we saw that a noisy celebration had already spilled over into Superior Avenue and West Ninth Street.

    Inside, we eventually we eventually worked our way close enough to the platform so that somebody saw Locher and signaled to let him through. It took several minutes to quiet the crowd so he could speak.

    I've covered mayoral campaigns from Anthony Celebrezze to Mike White, but I have never seen voters electrified like Cleveland blacks in Stokes' 1967 campaign. When he spoke in black churches they rose to their feet shouting "Amen!" and "Right on, brother!" Waves of applause rocked the building.

    Gradually, they came to see in Stokes not just a political victory but a new emancipation. Somehow prejudice would crumble, discrimination in employment and housing would vanish and they would finally be free of their invisible chains.

    No one - Stokes or anyone else - could hope to live up to that dream. It would founder on reality, on Ahmed Evans and on racism fanned on radio by Gary Dee and George Forbes and on Stokes' own missteps

    But for Cleveland's black citizens on one delirious night in 1967, deliverance had arrived.

    They had overcome.

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    Kathy Pierce

    Kathy Pierce lives in Concord Township

    In the 1960s, I was a high school student in a small town in northeastern Ohio. My dad was a blue-collar factory worker, who spent a lot of time around people who used derogatory racial language and practiced racial discrimination on many levels.

    During the Carl Stokes election campaign, I remember my father supporting his efforts, and together we watched the Cleveland election returns with great excitement. Before that, I don't remember my dad ever offering a comment about other politicians or political issues.

    As a teenager beginning to form my own ideas about such things, I remember being
    impressed that my father was open-minded enough to support a black man for the Cleveland mayor's race.

    We didn't live in Cleveland so couldn't vote there, but even at the time, I remember feeling that it was an important event, and I had a new appreciation for my dad as well.

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    Barbara (Knill) Rook

    Barbara Rook lives in Olmsted Falls

    In 1968, I was in elementary school at St. Luke's in Lakewood. Our teacher asked each student to write a letter to someone well-known, in the hopes of eliciting a response.

    Martin Luther King had just been assassinated that summer. I wrote my letter to then-Mayor Carl Stokes, expressing my sympathy over the loss of Dr. King.

    Mayor Stokes did, indeed, write me back. I have kept the letter to this day (somewhere in a box of memorabilia). While I haven't looked at the letter in 30 years, I still remember, in part, what he wrote: "It was very kind of you to write such wonderful words, and I hope to someday have the privilege of meeting you." I never had the privilege of meeting Mayor Stokes, but I will always have the memory (and the letter!)

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    Timothy H. Smith

    Timothy H. Smith lives in Kent

    As a 20-year-old college kid working at the then number one radio station in Cleveland, WIXY 1260, I was either very impressed or very cynical about the noteworthy people who came through our news room to do live interviews and take listeners calls on our morning show. We had Monday Morning quarterbacking sessions with the Browns Dick Schafrath, call-ins with ABC's Howard Cossell, music stars and many politicians, among which was Carl Stokes.

    Carl was not only a ground-breaking mayor, he was a true leader. Something NEO's biggest city has not seen in some time. He was, indeed, the right man for the time and it's difficult to imagine how the city would have fared under anyone else. The void in leadership across the country seems to grow annually as politicians are influenced by polls and power and do most things to be popular and win elections. A man like Carl Stokes would be welcomed today at any level of government.

    Carl Stokes was also a very warm guy who treated me, the hippy kid in the news room, like someone who was important. I remember the first time I met Carl, as well as Howard Metzenbaum - both humble, soft-spoken, genuine people who cared about doing the right thing, nothing more. Every time Carl came to the studio he brought a box of donuts from a shop on Shaker Square and the first one was offered to me, the kid in the news room who couldn't even vote for him.

    Were he alive today, he most likely would be aghast at the political landscape as are most of us who experienced politicians like Carl Stokes - a man who really made a difference and who really cared.

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    Bill Webster

    Bill Webster is a retired clergyman in Mentor

    When mayoral candidate Carl Stokes invited me to accompany him to a print shop where he could order some campaign materials, I jumped into the car with him, and we exchanged introductions along the way.

    All he knew about me was that I was a minister with students from Indiana University - Bloomington. We had come to Cleveland to volunteer for a couple of days. As it turned out, his reason for inviting me to accompany him on this errand was to find out what the agenda was for
    these university students from a neighboring state. And why was this campus minister getting involved in politics, anyway? Before we arrived at the print shop Mr. Stokes had heard the following thumbnail sketch.

    As a campus minister interested in peace and justice issues, I was giving high priority to students who longed for social justice and wondered if the "system" could be trusted to deliver. Both black and white students were involved in my ecumenical study group, sharing
    reflections about their personal experiences in the South and Midwest.

    They read books, heard lectures, visited cities in the South, interviewed political and religious leaders. At their behest, the Bloomington rabbi and two of us Christian ministers had participated in the voter registration drive in Selma, Alabama. So when these students heard that Carl Stokes was being backed by progressive forces to become the first black mayor of Cleveland, they asked if they could volunteer their weekend in Cleveland. "And here we are," I concluded as Mr. Stokes pulled up to the print shop.

    After his order was placed and we were heading back to his campaign headquarters, Mr. Stokes picked up where we had left off. "So your students are wondering if the "system" can deliver peace and justice in these troubled times. So am I! You may have noticed that I chose
    green and white for colors in my handouts. Those are the same colors for the new Interstate Highway signs, pointing to places where people need to go. And that is what my campaign for mayor in Cleveland is about. We want to help people find their way to peace and justice."

    Forty years later, how I would like to meet with those students again, and with Mayor Carl Stokes, too!

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  • KHR Request Drabbles~ :D
  • Title: ‘Lover Boy’
    Rating: G
    Pairing: Hints of Lal/Colonello.
    Warnings: Colonello’s singing voice, abuse of the word 'kora'.
    Summary: [Request and prompt for [info]parametric.] In which Colonello learns that serenades are not the best way to make a first impression. [Pre-Series.]

    The radio hissed with static for a moment, before discernable sound began to waken in the old veins of its wires. The song was fuzzy, but coming in clear enough to make out a few stable lines of melody…

    ’I can serenade and gently play on your heart strings, be your valentino just for you…’


    In English, but still Classic, and there was something romantic and nostalgic about a song like this on a radio like that in a place like here. Sand and sunshine and dry heat and a bad antenna rattling off a good song. Ooh, ooh…

    “Ooh, ooh can you feel my love heat? Come on and sit on my hot-seat of love, kora!”

    Those were the first choice words the greenhorn spoke, inadvertently, to his Athena. War Goddess that fit and stung every cliché, Lal Mirch, battlefield whisperer, the brutal woman he’d daydreamed about in his best and barest fantasies about packing heat, the kind of heat that rolled off a pistol when it was hot at the tip from gunpowder sparks, kora, and that got him pretty excited, got his blood rushing, riled, and hey, he was a hot-shot when it came to a rifle. Now, he just needed the girl.

    Lal Mirch stared with disinterest and barely-muted displeasure at the abomination moonwalking across the floorboards of her quarters. His hair hadn’t seen a brush in weeks, zig-zagging blond bopping in time with his head movements, his voice lacking the tune that might have made his performance bearable.

    “I don’t take singing telegrams.”

    If he nearly tripped over the coffee table in his alarm, he made up for it by flashing a smile that wrinkled his nose and stretched his cheeks. “Lal Mirch, kora? I’m—“


    “—Lookin’ to be your next apprentice.”

    “I don’t take students, either.”

    “Do you take mechanics, kora? I fixed your radio.”

    “Not well. It still has static.”

    “Kora, you’re younger than I imagined.”

    “Is your gun compensating for your lack of charm, or something more personal?”

    “My lack of experience, ko—“

    “Stop that.”




    “The only students I take are those I feel won’t get themselves killed on their very first missions. They are stable, serious, courageous, clever, and they do not make fools of themselves within the first minute of meeting me. The door is over here, Colonello. You pull, don’t push.”

    But Colonello was better at pushing, by far.

    “Was that long speech compensating for your lack of charm, or something more personal, kora?”

    ’Ooh love, there he goes again just like a good old-fashioned lover boy,
    Ooh loverboy~…’

    A stalemate of stares, and the radio buzzed a chipper tune, and the disheveled daydreamer grinned something sincere, and it was nostalgic and romantic and classic. A photograph you’ve never seen, but remember deeply. Déjà vu that had yet to occur, tucked into the future safely, where it might one day make you stop and stare. And in that future, you’d want those blue-eyes staring back, just again like now, skylines and marbles and blueberry bubblegum that melted in your mouth.

    It was a problem. This arrogant brat was a charmer. But she hadn’t adopted that problem just yet.

    “I’ll take you on under one condition.”


    “The song on just now… I want you to go into the mess hall and serenade the troops with it at mealtime, 0:800 hours.”

    Colonello shifted his gun strap, headband hanging a little too low over his brow. “Can I call you Lal?”


    “Lal, you said courageous, but clever. I’m not wet enough behind the ears not to know a sure way of getting the snot beat out of me when I hear one, kora.”

    “Are you refusing an order?”

    Sheepish shrug. “Kora.”

    A trite smile. “You pass. Training begins tomorrow.”

    ’Everything's all right, Just hold on tight’…

    Pleased pressure in his temples exploding, a thousand days of gunslinging to come and pass in good company, he hummed the last line to himself, pinning hands behind his head and tapping his foot in time…

    “That's because I'm a good old-fashioned fashioned lover boy…”

    “Stop singing.”

    Title: ‘Something about Us’
    Rating: PG
    Pairing: 8027
    Warnings: TYL slight spoilers.
    Summary: [Request and prompt for [info]kiku] I continue to be horrible with summaries, so let’s just say… Yamamoto isn’t great at math. [Small Note: In the third part of this, it jumps TYL. Just to avoid confusion, if that isn’t as clear as I tried to make it. &hearts ]

    It might not be the right time
    I might not be the right one
    But there's something about us I want to say
    Cause there's something between us anyway

    Hands drift together in a shy tango, saunter two steps close, and spin one back, testing the air in between, making sure it was mutual before the connect came, the tiniest thing in the world, two palms tickling against one another, fingers romancing. So why did Tsuna feel his stomach drop right out of his physical body, his throat clamped tight and refusing breath?

    “Hey, Tsuna?”
    “U-uh…” Right. Speaking. Even dame-Tsuna could do that. He’d done it many times before, and besides, out of everyone, Yamamoto had always been the easiest to speak to. He gave the impression of listening more wisely than he let on, and even exposed to the roughest weather of words or the silliest strand of confessional fears, his smile was infectious and constant. “Yes?”

    Urrrk. That was the most overcooked ‘yes’ he’d ever given in his whole short-life. Shortening-life, as stress was going to be his end, and the meter was lit by rocket fuel, getting hotter and higher by the minute. Tsuna’s nerves were pinched, as he was sure that, at any moment, a sadistic baby in a fedora was going to pop out of a bush dressed like corn on the cob, or a bento box, or an akuma, and suddenly, his head would be ablaze, and he’d be BURNING to tell Yamamoto, with his dying will, that—

    “This isn’t bad, right?”

    That easy look on his face, like all the world was a simple matter, and Yamamoto didn’t need any proof to know he was right. There was bad and good, and this wasn’t bad, so it must be… good.

    Tsuna relaxed, attention drifting to their touching hands.

    “Ah—no, Yamamoto, I don’t mind.”

    “Haha, all right. So—“

    And he began to chatter, in just the same voice as always. Carefree, as if this were the most natural thing in the world. And in many ways, it was.

    Walking home from school together, Tsuna’s home, where everyone’s Maman would have an early dinner prepared, and that sounded nice, just as nice as it was to hold hands like this, and listen.

    I might not be the right one
    It might not be the right time
    But there's something about us I've got to do
    Some kind of secret I will share with you



    “I need my hand back to use the chopsticks.”

    “Haha, oh, that’s right. You do.”

    Tsuna gave a weak, apologetic smile that hadn’t been pre-meditated. There it was, on his face, nothing he could do about it now.



    “My hand—“

    “Oh, just give me a second. I’m thinking about something.”

    If Gokudera-kun were there, he probably would have scoffed and said that a second was about Yamamoto’s limit, when it came to thinking. Tsuna, however, was a little more worried that a second really meant a minute, or two, or five, or more when it came to Yamamoto, and his stomach was really starting to lurch, and if he didn’t get to his meal before Lambo’s nose played hide-and-seek with it, and won—

    “Hey, I’m not great at math…“ Begun, and if there were something nervous in his tone, it drowned easily when Tsuna fidgeted, drawn out of the panicked monologue of his own mind. Yamamoto regained his cheer, concluding with gusto, “But between the both of us, we have two free hands.”

    Tsuna wasn’t that great at math either, but even he could count that high. Had it really taken Yamamoto that long to--?

    “And you only need two hands to use chopsticks.”

    It was the first time he’d ever correctly solved a logic problem on his first try.

    Unfortunately, Takeshi’s solution didn’t seem quite as logical a few moments later, when, each armed with a single chopstick and a needy mouth, they led an attack on Maman’s dinner, one hand each, which equaled two together.

    …And were basically massacred…

    ’How many hands does it take to just pick up your food, again?’

    ‘Haha, only one.’

    I need you more than anything in my life
    I want you more than anything in my life
    I'll miss you more than anyone in my life
    I love you more than anyone in my life

    Yamamoto absently rubbed the scar on his chin with a calloused finger.

    “Hey, Tsuna?”

    The grass was moist, but it didn’t bother his skin as it leeched into the fabric of his shirt, loosening the starch.

    “I was thinking.”

    If Gokudera were there, he probably would have snorted, said it was a miracle, Yamamoto thinking, because that’s what he still did these days, grasping at insults that had matured into comfort. Something as normal and easy as Yamamoto’s smiling, Gokudera’s profanity, and they were both trying to keep things normal and easy.

    Gokudera, who had always insisted, dogmatically, that he was Tsuna’s right-hand. And that had been fine by Takeshi, who always used to hold Tsuna’s left.

    “I was thinking that I screwed up that math problem.”

    Tsuna hadn’t needed any hands at all. Tsuna would have been Tsuna without any hands, or with four-hundred. The reason Tsuna was Tsuna was because he accepted hands, shyly, and couldn’t let go, even when it made sense to.

    Closing his eyes, he shifted over the patch of loose earth. A nap didn’t sound bad. Even here, where sleep should be impossible.

    But that was logic, and Takeshi was never very good, when it came to math.

    Title: Target
    Rating: Gokudera’s Mouth
    Pairing: Slight 8059, fluff and humor
    Warnings: Gokudera’s Mouth
    Summary: [Request and prompt for [info]__kaze__. Big thank you to [info]handlebars, who Gokudera’s characterization is based off of. &hearts]. The Vongola’s best pair on a Very Important Mission. ….FYL? Ohoh.

    “Baseball Dork.”

    “Shit, you mind not zoning out in the middle of—“
    “WHAT’S so funny, all of a sudden?!”
    “You called me ‘Takeshi’. I think that’s a first, Gokudera.”
    “Go have a friggin’ party about it later then. You can wear a funny little hat and everything.”
    “You really think so? That might be excessive.”
    “Were you born this dumb, or were you dropped on your head?”
    “Hahaha. ’Hayato’.”
    “…You’re such a fucking retard.
    “Hey, hey! Put the lighter away, I’m sorry. We should get going, right?”
    “We’ve only been here five minutes…”
    “It feels like longer when I’m stuck with YOU. What were they thinking, pairing us up?!”
    “Don’t you DARE.”
    “-Gokudera. We’re usually paired up, aren’t we?”
    “Okay, nevermind. I just meant that maybe Tsuna thinks we make a good team?”
    “He’s right, you know.”
    “Do you think I need you to tell me whether or not the Tenth is right about something?”
    “Then you agree?”
    “…I guess.”
    “Well, stop just staring at me!”
    “Ah--! It’s just that, your cheeks—“
    “What’s wrong with them? And that wasn’t a cue to start grinning!”
    “They’re just a little red, is all.”
    “Well it’s COLD.”
    “It shouldn’t be, with that much blood rushing to them.”
    “Your face usually feels warm when you blush, right?”
    “Don’t flatter yourself!”
    “Oh, it’s getting worse now.”
    “Hahaha. Don’t fall behind, Gokudera!”

    And Yamamoto was off, hand to the hilt of his katana, the sputtering time-bomb of his red-faced partner following in his footstep’s near-wake.

    The target wouldn’t be far now. It had been their job to infiltrate and apprehend—

    “H-hibari?” Yamamoto’s skidding footsteps, halting, Gokudera smashing into his back a few seconds later, and the overall atmosphere of bumbling confusion on their parts did not have Hibari smiling.

    Then again, few things did.

    “Late. The target has been taken care of.”

    “BY YOU? But that was our job—“

    Hibari tapped the headset on his ears, and gave them the cold shoulder, more interested in his tonfas than in their outrage.


    Gokudera stiffened a little, and Yamamoto actually looked more surprised than he had a moment ago when Gokudera’s forehead had gotten too personal with his solar plexus.

    “Ah, we forgot again. The headsets were on…”

    Tsuna’s voice crackled over the intercom a moment later, sheepish, laced with something that might have been old, concealed laughter. “Sorry, Yamamoto, Gokudera. When we heard you two were arguing again, we thought it might be best to just appeal to Hibari-san to finish the job…”

    “…This is all your fault, Takeshi.”
    “Baseball idiot…?”
    Ahahaha! They keep pairing us up for the comic relief, Gokudera!”

    Title: It’s A Small World
    Rating: PG
    Pairing: X+S, Belphagor – Lucky Chrams, LussuriaxMop, MarmonxSqualo’s Cash
    Warnings: Violence against breakfast cereal
    Summary: [Prompt and Request by [info]hehe_05]. Varia in Disney World. Enough said.

    Belphagor had been furious. His unique, off-kilter brand of rage had been put on display, parading around Squalo’s life demandingly, pay attention to me, the Prince is displeased~, sulking and biting and whining, and generally being a ROYAL pain in the ass. His brooding was evident from the first moment of every morning, and nagged at him until evening.

    One of the more unique examples of this altered behaviour was the new manner in which Bel had taken to stirring his breakfast cereal, somehow appeased by moving the spoon in such a way that it gutted the bowl, violent churning while he made quiet, hissing noises, lucky charms spilling over the sides in a messy milk-splatter. More ended up on the table than down his throat, and Lussuria would sigh and make bedroom eyes at the mop wistfully until the Prince was finished with his brutal morning meal. Metaphorically speaking, that had the potential to be not good in the very near future, but Squalo curbed his concern with satisfying daydreams of shoving that cereal box right up Belphagor’s--…

    Perhaps Squalo would have pitied the Ripper Prince’s next victim, be it a mafia brat, or Levi’s Cinnamon Toast Crunch, if he wasn’t too preoccupied with self-pity. His lack of sympathy for Bel wasn’t quite a leap of the imagination, considering what exactly the spoiled little monster had decided to throw his epic temper tantrum over. Of all the STUPID REAAASONS…

    Enough was enough.

    When Squalo had found his bed pillows torn down the middle, stuffing seeping out in a strange parody of horror, knife wounds on cotton, he’d had just about had it.

    “UOOOOI! It’s not a real Magic Kingdom, brat!”

    Belphagor poked his head in, quirked it slightly. “Oh?” Seemed to mull that over for a moment, before his lips twitched into a pointy grin. “But Squalo~ the pamphlet said—“


    Once again, Belphagor considered this. And then, apparently, deigned to give royal pardon, fake castles and phony Magic Kingdoms not being nearly as interesting as they had been five minutes ago, when they were real. “Ushishi~ sorry about the pillows~”

    It was the least sincere apology Squalo had ever heard.

    And it was of no comfort.

    It did not bring back his Venetian embroidered pillows, that he’d consequently had to pay Marmon up the whazoo for, and it didn’t make this mission any less reeeeeetarded.

    DISNEY WORLD? Boss must be LOSING IT.

    But not a week later, Boss was there with him, very serious and half-sane, which was just the quota requirement for the Varia. His Boss’ relative mental health also wasn’t much of a comfort to Squalo, who clutched a falafel in whitening knuckles, a camera slung awkwardly around his neck, and a pair of god damn mouse ears sitting proud atop his head.

    Xanxus smiled, just the very shadow of one, easy to miss. “Trash…”

    “WHAT?” Shot his subordinate, snappy, grump just molting from his voice.

    Xanxus lifted a brow, short burst of amusement, before he corrected, “I wasn’t addressing you. Over there—the trash, if you don’t plan on finishing that.” However unholy-mighty Squalo’s skill with a blade, it would be more difficult for him to wield it with sticky, occupied fingers…

    As Squalo stomped off, a great, huffy leather-clad freak in the irritatingly cheerful Florida sunshine, Xanxus curbed his delight in Squalo’s displeasure, and scanned the crowd, focusing on the task ahead.

    It was nearly time for the parade. Small children clung like leeches to their mothers, or sat atop their father’s shoulders, all bearing wide, cotton candy smiles. …Hn. America, a breeding ground for Garbage, and Walt Disney World, the capital dumpster that all of its pitiful flies were attracted to. (Xanxus wasn’t much for theme parks. Nor was he much of a people person. He also disliked parades. And children. And music. Especially music. In theme parks, with kids watching parades. But their victory would make the entire ordeal worth the trip—as would the hotel room later, where he had a fine stock of crystal glasses just preening to be lobbed at Squalo’s frontal lobe. Always his favourite form of stress relief, playing catch with heads.)

    The music drummed up then, band coming around the bend, signaling the beginning of the assignment. The Varia’s reason for being here. Which was well enough, because as Squalo made his way back, with a clear expression of ‘Remind-me-why-we’re-here-oh-wait-you-didn’t-tell-me-to-begin-with’, Xanxus was able to lift a lazy hand, pointing.

    Oh, but there was venom in his eyes now, as Squalo followed the direction of his pointer finger, eagerly, all the way over to… “Heey. It’s Snow White.”

    “Kill her.”

    “…What the hell? Boss?”

    “Do I need to repeat my orders?”

    No, he didn’t. Squalo peeked again, a lady in costume, a wide yellow skirt, and one prissy, gelatinous hair-do. That was their target?

    “Heeey, what the fuck, she doesn’t look that dangerous to me…” Best to know ahead of time if there was something he should be watching out for, though he was convinced whatever Snow White had up her sleeve wouldn’t phase him. Even if the bitch had grenades, he wasn’t worried about getting the job done… just, best to know, that’s all. There was a reason Xanxus had chosen his best man for the task, and that reason was--

    “I dislike that movie.”

    A blink. A pause. Wait…



    “You heard me, Squalo. Eliminate her. I –dislike- Snow White.”

    Another pause. Xanxus’ gaze shifted, and solemn eyes dared Squalo to question him again.

    The swordsman shifted, snorted, and then turned his back. Fucking fine. So they were at Disney World to kill some chick in a costume because Xanxus had childhood issues… tch, this was Belphagor’s kind of thing, why hadn’t he been the one invited along, after all?

    As if a mind reader, Xanxus’ shadowy voice replied, low, “It would be a waste for Belphagor to get rid of Aurora as well. You know his penchant for tiara-envy. It would have been too messy.”

    Tch. Like this wasn’t messy already?

    “Oooi, I bet you just liked Sleeping Beauty.” Muttered, under his breath, before footfalls took him fast away from Xanxus, heading for the thrill of the parade, to assassinate Snow White, and maybe take out a few dwarfs, if they got in the way.

    Xanxus, meanwhile, boomed with laughter.

    Squalo still had the mouse ears on, after all.

    Title: Crescere
    Rating: G
    Pairing: None
    Warnings: A bit of creepiness, in some parts.
    Summary: [For [info]islanderfan2] Part I in a series of ‘childhood vignettes’. Features short, connective situations with characters as children. You can feel free to guess at their ages! :D The characters included are – Hibari, Tsuna, Gokudera, Belphagor, Yamamoto, Lussuria, in that order.

    Bambino Anziano

    Maybe a child with old eyes is no child at all.

    But then, Hibari Kyoya had never been very interested in being a child. It was a noisy, wicked affair, and he cringed away from it, putting himself outside the laws of age and their inferior concepts of time. He might be ten, or six, or fifty-two, and it hardly mattered.

    He’d never stuck a crayon up his nose, or glued macaroni to a paper pate, or wondered what he’d be in the future, because he wasn’t a child. He was Hibari, and in the future, he’d be the same Hibari he was now.

    To other people, he looked like a child. Undersized, scraggly boy that had been forced into a sweater vest by a loving relative, his hair neatly combed, and his hands free of the tell-tale signs of sandbox tomfoolery. Schoolboy, wearing a chubby frown that seemed a pout, with his narrowed eyes and his harmless fists, very much like he was ten, and not fifty-two.

    That was their mistake.

    Delinquents were ageless too, he’d learned. The simpletons in his classes that put gum under the seats were the same people who robbed stores when they grew big, and since there was no such thing as age-and-time, Delinquents were just Delinquents, all the same, and Hibari was fifty-two. Hibari was fifty-two-and-ten, and he was a carnivore. So he wouldn’t stand behind the shield of age and wait to get older before gnashing his teeth (a few of which had come suspiciously loose, recently.)

    They’d laughed when he told them, very clearly, that crowds were bothersome, stepping up in front of the wounded bird, a motley little creature with a broken wing, who probably didn’t appreciate the pebbles being tossed at it.

    The group of older-boys (but Hibari didn’t really take in that they were older; just nosier) had chuckled at him (which he registered as becoming louder; boo… how annoying…) and mentioned that playground heroes were stupid, and that he didn’t have any weapons, anyway. Not even his hands looked like weapons, too small.

    Oh well. …Then I’ll just bite you to death.

    It had taken about five minutes. Five minutes of biting into the loudest boy’s arm, which might have also been the biggest boy (who knew, who cared?) before they’d retreated, bunch of herbivoves, one blubbering over a little bit of blood.

    Hibari’s mouth had a metallic tang to it as he knelt, staring at the bird curiously, moving his tongue to wiggle at his now-looser tooth. It was uncomfortable, but he wasn’t quite paying attention.

    The bird, freed of its bullying, stared back.

    And then, deep in its throat, it made a furrowing sound. Wao.

    Hibari blinked. “Wao…?” Hm. Taking a breath, he repeated, more clearly, “Wao.”


    He could grow up later. For now, this was more interesting.

    Nessun Buon Figlio

    For now, this was more interesting. Way more interesting than the picnic spread, or the butterflies, or the bark of a nearby dog.

    The child gurgled, plump fingers gripping at the chain with curious gusto.

    Voices flew over his head, but their unimportant, friendly words went ignored. Nothing was as alluring to Tsuna right now as the manner in which the toy glinted prettily, cold silver seeming to emanate sunshine itself, tickling his skin with heat.

    Not even when mother shooed him kindly did he loosen his grip, wide, tawny eyes like-his-father’s drawn to the glow of his new playmate.

    “Tsu-kun seems to like it.”

    And be it because he’d just learned he could slip a finger, two even, through the sweet little ring, or rather because he recognized his name, ‘Tsu-kun’, the boy gave a proud, bashful giggle, smiling a gummy smile.

    “Ah, and look. It fits his hand.” The old man shifted, and Tsu-kun bristled, seeming to have forgotten that the comfortable seat of his lap was so mobile. A soft blink from the infant cued the old man to lean down, asking the boy intimately, words just as warm as the ring Tsuna had waggled his clutching fingers through, “How about it, boy…?”

    “…Do you want to be the next owner of that ring, Tsuna?”

    To the sound of a good-natured laugh, Tsu-kun began to wail.

    Vongola the Ninth’s mustache tickled his baby’s skin too close to his ear, prickling awkwardly as he spoke. The needling sensation had the boy’s attention jerking away from his shiny plaything, and onto his new discomfort.

    Chain falling away from fidgeting hands, Tsuna pulling too hard to try to escape the ring, his fingers stuck, and that was painful too, so his free hand went to claw the air for Maman. To the scent of sunshine and picnics and Italian cologne, his nose sniffled, wet, whimpering sounds blubbering forth from his throat.

    “It seems that the answer is no.”

    It would be a long time before he slipped his finger through the shiny again, though perhaps in the future, he’d handle it even less maturely. For now…

    Maman clucked her tongue and tried to rock him.

    “Oh, Tsu-kun, it’s a good thing we brought along the butter, or else your hand would be stuck like that.”

    Tears streaked his face.

    Il Ragazzo Di Musica

    Tears streaked his face.

    Knees drawn to his chest, tie long since loosened and disgruntled across his collar, light hair tickling his knees in a gesture of small comfort. He’d been sitting diligently on the long, lacquered black bench for hours now, backside having gone numb, nails leaving half-moons in his calves from clutching.

    The room was distressingly silent. It was only his sniffling, and that was a shameful music, or so Madre had told him. ‘Big boys should not cry’, she’d scolded.

    But Hayato was not a big boy yet, and Madre was not his Kaa-san.

    Not a big boy, but he’d become bigger today. Happy birthday, but no one came. No brightly coloured box. Sometimes, he remembered the pretty boxes more clearly than he did her face. Blue paper and pink ribbon. But no box this year, never-ever again. Why not?

    He could remember sitting in her lap, remember the dresses she wore. They were starchy, and they billowed, flowing with ruffles, like her hair fell too, both curling delicately. Like a doll, as he’d seen Bianchi-sorella’s dolls, all in lovely dresses, and Madre was just like that…

    Only but, he was warned not to call her Madre anymore. She told him that lightly, while she placed his hands on the keys and pressed down, making a sweet sound, almost as clear and soothing as her voice. ‘You mustn’t say that anymore. You’ll upset the lady of the house, Hayato.’ ‘But Madre--’ ‘Kaa-san. It means just the same as Madre. It’s Japanese, sweet one.’

    And it will be our secret.

    He’d practiced pronouncing it.

    Kaa-san… Kaa-san… Kaa-san…

    She smiled when he played, laughed at his own excitement over his natural skill, was proud herself as she brushed back his pesky hair and clipped it away, promising—‘If you play very often Hayato, I will be playing too, and it will be as if we were playing together, just like right now.’

    That had enticed him most of all, and if he played the music very well, his memory might become sharper, for a song. He’d practiced, playing and pronouncing, and trying to recall.

    Maybe she’d had a hard time remembering his face, too?

    Had she forgotten? Kaa-san, you forgot…?

    She’d promised they’d be together, every time he grew bigger.

    She’d promised to buy him a present.

    I Due Principi

    She’d promised to buy him a present.

    Best present in the entire whole wide world, best-best, because he was the best, he was Prince, and nothing was better than Princes, who deserved the very best.

    Little Prince, he’d read in storybooks all about his breed. Regal-regal, Petty-Pretty-Princes, frogs and warriors and sons-of-heaven with hands-of-hell. Of Princes in fairy tales and history and his own head, aren’ttheyallthesamething, ushishi~?, Princes write history, because facts don’t matter when you’re royal, we can make our own, and you have-to have-to believe us, or we’ll claw into your villages with the power of earth and God and our blood. Princes, who wielded gross amounts of power, who invaded borders because silly lines on a map don’t matter toaPrince, whose displeasure made heads roll, who kidnapped pretty girls on horseback, and who demanded tribute to curb their violence.

    He and his brother were given tribute, same as any Prince. Expensive things that they challenged one another to break, sitting behind the hedges, covered in mud, beating tiny fists into the faces of dolls, scratching tattered nails against leathery playing-balls, gnashing their teeth against the fabrics of new shirts. Ushishi~ tastes like silk and feels like dirt, and shines on, because Princesalwaysshine.

    When they spoke to one another about how they’d stuck a needle in the maid’s cushion, they imagined her dyingdyingdead, because their porridge had been cold yesterday, and they didn’t like their porridge anyway, but serving something notgoodenough for a Prince was a bad-bad crime, and in their minds, they tossed her body into the murky-lake and she was never heard from again. The porridge was cold, you should be punished~

    Drowning in one-hundred thousand ideas, so she drowned there, many people drowningdead in their minds, because I am a Prince, and I demand tribute and battle, and I will make all of my subjects unhappy, ushishi fun game, taxes and scandal and no one wins but us. Everyone gets to play my subject, our subjects, less-than-Princes, make them sweat and bow, because Princes are negligent with their dolls, and greedy with them, and I want it it’s MINE, come amuse me, off with her head if not. A Prince’s favourite game is when they drowned, or paid tribute.

    She’d promised him the best-best present in the whole-wide-world, and it was a present fit for a Prince.

    He’d heard whispers though, because everyone whispered in this little boy’s mind, no-one mattered enough for volume, so they whispered in their doll voices that his brother had received a gift fit-for-a-King.

    Older bother, one-day King, fake-Prince. Echo of Princes, fake-fake-fake, not a real Prince. A to-be-King, which wasn’t a Prince, and wasn’t a King, and wasn’t anything at all.


    His eyes stayed rooted to the curve of the jeweled dagger in its bed of tissue paper, his fit-for-a-Prince gift, and he thought that he would be very-very kind to his brother, because he was a good and fair and just Prince sometimes, so he would lodge it very-very deep into his heart one day, fit-for-a-Prince, deep down in brother future-King’s heart, and he could be a Prince forever, a fairy tale, a fact that could change as he pleased, based on whatever game they were playing.

    Just like the violence in his head. Bury him in the river. Bury him in a book. Bury him in history, as a Prince, before he buries you, as a King~


    Playing Princes forever.

    What a fun game.

    Il Buon Figlio

    What a fun game!

    Takeshi’s legs dangled from the chair, rocking energetically against the air. The tips of his toes almost reached the floor now, long-legs for a young-boy, and they were great for basketball, but just as good for running. Just as good for becoming baseball-legs.

    Dirt spots and juicy smears of green-grass stained the whites of his uniform pants, and he quietly lamented that he would have to enter the tub soon. He liked smelling like this, the scent of sweat and glove leather and the outdoors.

    Because it was such a good game today, because he’d hit the winning home run (CRACK, the sound of the bat against the ball, and it just flew on, into forever, and he ran in time with its flight, and it felt just like flying too, haha), Dad had said he could eat before his bath, much to the delight of his gurgling stomach. His favourites, too, sweet egg rolled up in sticky rice and strawberry milk, and it was a good day, and baseball was a good game.

    Takeshi didn’t think he was a very creative kid. He liked running, and he liked Dad’s sushi, and he liked smelling bad, ha-ha-ha, liked laughing too, and that was all pretty normal, wasn’t it?

    But he liked most of all when Dad smiled like he was smiling right now, when he pressed a plate in front of him an told him to eat up. Takeshi’s old man-- who didn’t have a single gray hair on his head, but he seemed very… tall, and they called it ‘growing up’, so old people must be tall, right? (Haha, maybe he wasn’t a very bright kid, either.) Anyway, Takeshi’s old man, who’d put his hands over his son’s, and showed him how to swing a bat, how to go through the motion, how to hit the ball, Takeshi’s old man when he smiled like that.

    Takeshi was a pretty normal, good, lively kid. He followed rules and grinned a lot, was popular with the kids his age because he hit balls and dived into mud better than anyone, was popular with adults because he held doors and carried tea trays, was popular in general, because he was always smiling, and people smiled back.

    But he knew, when his dad smiled at him like that, that the old man was smiling not because Takeshi was a good kid, but because Takeshi was just his kid. His uncreative, not-so-bright kid, who reeked and grinned about nothing.

    When he hit that home run, everyone was happy, because they liked baseball, and victory.

    It would be the best though, he thought, if one day he found people who hated baseball, and who smiled when he hit a home run anyway, because they liked Takeshi.


    Maybe he really was just unintelligent, but…

    Finding someone out there who didn’t like baseball?

    Haha. Impossible!

    It was the best.

    Uomo Dispari

    It was the best.

    The absolute best shade he’d ever seen. The bottle called the colour ‘Harlequin’. Somewhere between Yellow and Hunter, and that sent a thrill down his spine, shivering over his body, made his eyes widen, and gave him nerve. Ohh~ A little sunshine for the morning, and a little executioner before lights out, and put them together in a bottle, and you got Harlequin Green, which was the hair colour he was absolutely born for, if not with.

    Once he had his new hair, the dye having left the strands brittle and smelling of peroxide, he had other plans, other fantasies to fulfill, so he could embrace a colour so diverse and bright. Harlequin, Harlequin…

    Daydreams of breaking into Mother’s makeup drawer would soon be a satisfying reality. Smearing the liquids and sticks of colour across his face, to complement and accentuate the greatness of his new head. He’d play in the playground that had always been off limits, dipping his fingers in and cracking open tops. He’d blend the reds across his cheeks, and use glitter on his eyelids, and he wouldn’t regret a single thing, since Mother didn’t ever use her makeup to its full potential, the potential he saw in those glossy cases.

    If that woman had green hair, hers would be Myrtle. Between Mould-green and Office-green, age marks and slog.

    But Lussuria was undoubtedly fabulous, even if his roots were buried in dirt. Light-blond dirt, if he were talking about hair roots. He just had to take the final step. Intimidating… thrilling final step. Curiosity burned his bones, and lashed at panic. Do it.

    Hands twitched, sweaty palms, gripping at the slim bottle of dye. A stolen five dollars to purchase it, and it rested with the weight of the future against his skin. Sighingly. He felt sick with nerves. But, couldn’t turn back now…

    He popped the cap, and reassured himself, staring back at a reflection of a thin face and wavy blond hair, a little-boy-face even if he thought he’d always had much more maturity to him, barely making it over the sink, his age hardly greater than his number of fingertips, at least, he assured himself, tonight, when he sat down in the livingroom floor with his nose close to the glass of the television, watching the news play over the fuzzy grains of bad reception, with Harlequin hair and make-up to match…

    At least for one night of his life, Father would have something better to wonder about than why his face took on an alien, crawling smile as he watched the body bags inch across the screen, imagining, imagining and hoping to catch a glimpse.

    Death was such a grand concept, so much bigger than him and everyone. Death must be the most wonderful make-up of all. He was sure he’d have a crush on something so beautiful and delicate as a body perfectly preserved in the troughs of death.

    So he wanted to look his best tonight, for those body bags, his puppy crush.

    Biting his lip, he squeezed.

    Haha, I hope this isn’t too much writing spam for everyone, and that someone got enjoyment out of it. &hearts :D

    Will check up on the FList later, guys. o/

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    S.I. Color just launched with the aim of helping women achieve that perfect "natural look." Using neutral and classic shades designed to work on all skin tones, the line includes concealer, bronzer, powder, lip color, mineral blush, eye shadow quads and liners

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  • Sunday, February 24, 2008
  • these are some more surveys i had lying around. they're even older. there's about fifty of these in here. enjoy.

    Count the # of ____ ..
    (doesn't have to be the exact number unless you know, just what you think it would be)

    Material Things
    Rooms in your house:

    Best friends:
    Crushes you've had:
    Boyfriends you've had:
    Favorite celebs:

    Things in locker:
    Pencil case:
    Schools you've been to:

    Soccer balls:
    Sports teams you've been on:
    Favorite sports teams:
    Dance shoes:

    Mosquito bites:
    Makeup items:
    Lamps in your room:
    Windows in your house:
    People you've loved:
    Times you've laughed today:
    Posters on your wall:
    Colors in your room:



    001: Alright, so I guess we should start off with this: what's your name?002: Do you like the age you are, or do you wish you were older/younger?
    003: What did you eat for breakfast?
    004: What are you looking forward to the most?
    005: Are you going to see any bands recently? If you were to see a band live, who would it be?
    006: What is your biggest fear?
    007: Is there a song stuck in your head? What is it?
    008: Do you wear clothes meant for the opposite sex in public?
    009: What is the stupidest movie you've ever seen?
    010: What's your favorite nickname someone's made for you?
    011: Are you proud of your nationality?
    012: Are you counting down the days until the seventh Harry Potter book comes out?
    013: What's your mood right now?
    014: What's the first thing you thought when you woke up in the morning?
    015: What's the last thing you got grounded for?
    016: What do you think about Hilary Clinton running for president?
    017: What pisses you off more and why: rasicts or sexists?
    018: Is your room clean?
    019: How long have you been on a computer today?
    020: Who is one person who scares you when they get mad?
    021: Do you wear lip gloss?
    022: When you're in a fight with a friend, are you mean to them a lot or do you just ignore them?
    023: How often do you go to the mall, would you say?
    024: Describe your computer.. what does it look like, is it good, etc?
    025: Would you rather only be able to listen to the same song or watch the same movie for the rest of your life?
    026: Do you like to wear socks?
    027: What is your favorite thing about the place you live in?
    028: What are the top 3 programs on your computer that you use?
    029: How many letters are in your full name?
    030: What do you use to download music, if you do at all?


    1. When you were little, did you ever have a lemonade stand?
    2. What's the most amount of money you've ever carried at one time?
    3. What do you think is a good name for a new puppy?
    4. Even though it's far away, what's one thing you want for Christmas?
    5. You can only eat one kind of food for the rest of your life. What do you choose?
    6. Have you ever been inside a mosh pit?
    7. If you could choose one television show to bring back on air what would it be?
    8. What does love truly feel like?
    9. If you had to trade in true love for a billion dollars, would you?
    10. Who was the last person you c'ed on Myspace?
    11. What about the last person to comment you?
    12. What are two colors that look really bad together?
    13. What is your favorite scent?
    14. Do you find it funny that Paris Hilton is going to jail for 45 days?
    15. Speaking of 45, what were you doing 45 minutes ago?
    16. Who is the main character in the book you're reading?
    17. Are you happier now or five years ago?
    18. Do you like to eat jellybeans?
    19. What are five words to describe you?
    20. Do you love watching old classics?

    What are your opinions on...

    George Bush:
    Gay marriage:
    Paris Hilton:
    Obese children:
    Global Warming:
    My Super Sweet 16 (on MTV):
    Birth control pill:
    Capital punishment:
    Michael Jackson:
    Child abuse:
    Sex before marriage:
    Unprotected sex:
    Eating disorders:
    Your friends:
    Your boyfriend/crush:
    Pamela Anderson:
    Hitler and the Holocaust:
    Britney Spears shaving her head:


    I'll give you a band, and you give me a lyric by them whether you like them or not. If you haven't heard of them, just say pass.

    Fall Out Boy:
    Panic! At The Disco:
    Bright Eyes:
    Relient K:
    From First To Last:
    Hawthorne Hieghts:
    Cute Is What We Aim For:
    Gym Class Heroes:
    Boys Like Girls:
    The Hush Sound:
    Escape the Fate:
    The Almost:
    Brand New:
    Motion City Soundtrack:
    Jack's Mannequin:
    Angels and Airwaves:
    Daphne Loves Derby:

    1] What is your name?

    2] How old are you?

    3] How has your day been going so far?

    4] What is the date today?

    5] What time is it?

    6] Is it the morning, afternoon, or night?

    7] What did you do when you first woke up?

    8] Did you see your mom or dad first?

    9] Did you read a book?

    10] How's the weather?

    11] Did you go to school today?

    12] Who did you hang out with today?

    13] Were you bored at all today?

    14] Did you watch a movie today?

    15] Have you eaten a lot of junk?

    16] What TV shows have you watched?

    17] How many surveys have you done?

    18] Do you feel sick, healthy, or normal?

    19] Has today been a good day so far?

    20] Did you go to the mall?

    21] Did you spend time with family?

    22] Have you cleaned your room?

    23] What have you been doing most of the day?

    24] What have you bought so far today?

    25] What was the last song you listened to?

    26] What about the last word you said?

    27] Is there any way this day could get better?

    28] How?

    29] Was today better than yesterday?

    30] Will you spend any time with your boyfriend today?

    31] What are you wearing?

    32] What color are your clothes?

    33] Do they reflect your mood?

    34] Is there anyone else in the house?

    35] What day is today, even?

    36] Did you cry today?

    37] What about laugh?

    38] Did anyone embarass you today?

    39] Were you in pain today?

    40] What is the song you're listening to right now?

    41] Did you make a wish?

    42] Was today a special day?

    43] Did you think about anyone today and if so, who?

    44] Did you go on Myspace or Facebook?

    45] Did someone tell you a hilarious joke, and if so was it?

    46] What was the highlight of the day?

    47] Did you talk to anyone on the phone?

    48] How many hours have you been awake?

    49] Is today the best day of your life?

    50] Done. Did you even think it was possible to think up 50 questions about today?

    Worst Case Scenarios - what would you do if you were put into any of this situations?

    1. You're walking along the sandy roads in a city by the dessert, when all of a sudden you stop moving. You look down and notice you're sinking into quicksand! What do you do?

    2. You're visiting your aunt up in Kansas, you go to the store by yourself to buy something to entertain yourself and you notice a tornado approaching, and it's pretty close. What do you do?

    3. You're learning how to drive your car and all of a sudden it goes all out of control, what do you do?

    4. You're at the very top of a building and all of a sudden an earthquake begins to start. What do you do?

    5. You're making dinner for the family and all of a sudden the stove lights on fire and your whole kitchen starts burning. What do you do?

    6. You're babysitting a little kid at the beach when all of a sudden they start flailing their arms and you can tell they are drowning. You don't know how to swim yourself though! What do you do?

    7. You're home alone and you hear someone enter the house through a window, you go to see who it is and a scary man pops out from behind and puts a gun to your head. What do you do?

    8. After a wild night of partying you wake up in the morning next to someone you don't remember. What do you do?

    Name something in your room that is...
    [ DON'T use the same things ]

    Easily breakable:
    Your favorite thing in it:
    Really Old:
    Special to you:
    You use frequently:
    You hardly ever use:
    Not Yours:
    On your wall:
    On the floor:
    On your bed:
    On the ceiling:
    On your bedside table:
    You bought yourself:
    You recently bought:

    1. What plans do you have this weekend?
    2. Do you have a swimming pool?
    3. Who was the first person you saw in the morning?
    4. Are you scared of thunder and lightning?
    5. Are you allergic to dogs?
    6. Are you superstitious?
    7. How old were you when you first surfed the internet?
    8. If you were to die right now, what would you last words be?
    9. Do you think that saying, "What goes around comes around" is true?
    10. Do you actually make your bed in the morning?
    11. Have you ever accidentally set anything on fire?
    12. How many new people have you met this year?
    13. Who is your hero, or one person you can't live without?
    14. Speaking of heroes, share your most heroic moment:
    15. If at all, what do you mostly cry about?
    16. Have you seen your boyfriend/crush cry?
    17. What's your ticklish spot?
    18. Fill in the blank.. you're a sucker for guys who ______:
    19. What would you do if you woke up in the morning and all your friends were dead?
    20. Do you usually remember any of your dreams?
    21. Have you ever had an athsma attack?
    22. What is the insult you have been called most often?
    23. What is a song that reflects your life?
    24. When you were little did you look away when the kissing parts in movies came?
    25. Where did you get the shirt your wearing from?
    26. What's your favorite breakfast food?
    27. Do you belive in those cheesy horoscopes in magazines?
    28. ^^ Have you ever had one of them that ended up being oddly true?
    29. What shoe do you tie first, left or right?
    30. Do you own a push-up bra?
    31. Can you do a headstand?
    32. Would you ever ride a camel?
    33. How to you handle rejection?
    34. Has one of your guy friends ever seen you skinny dipping?
    35. Where is one place you would NOT have sex?
    36. What is the longest word in the dictionary you actually know the meaning of?
    37. Have you ever tried to make up your own language?
    38. What is the face or symbol you use most often when talking online?
    39. If you were a Barbie doll, what accessories would you want to come with?
    40. Have you lost your virginity?
    41. Are you a good cook?
    42. How many times have you said "I love you" and actually meant it?
    43. What is one thing in your closet that you can't believe you ever bought?
    44. Are you too friendly?
    45. If you built a time machine and you could go back and change ONLY three things from your past, what would they be?
    46. If someone offered you the chance to go to space, would you?
    47. Do you think this survey is too long?
    48. Have you ever made your boyfriend cry?
    49. Are thongs uncomfortable?
    50. Does heartbreak really feel as bad as it sounds?

    1. Do you prefer to be called sexy or beautiful?
    2. What is your favorite nickname someone has made for you?
    3. If you get a custom made license plate, what would you want it to say?
    4. Do you prefer reading out loud or in your head?
    5. When your parents fight how nasty does it get?
    6. When's the last time you ate a chocolate chip muffin?
    7. What was your dream job when you were a child? Is it still the same?
    8. It's all about the third sequels these days. Which one are you most interested in?
    9. How often do you get your hair cut?
    10. How much are you willing to pay for a pair of jeans?
    11. Where do you buy your bras/undies?
    12. Where's your favorite place to go on a date?
    13. Do you believe life exists on other planets?
    14. If you won a million dollars, what would you do first?
    15. Which reality TV show could you picture yourself being on?
    16. If you could be queen for a day, what rules would you change?
    17. Describe the underwear you're wearing:
    18. What does love mean to you?
    19. How old were you when you found out Santa Claus wasn't real?
    20. What about when you found out how babies were made?
    21. What do you do to cure your hiccups?
    22. Do you get distracted easily?
    23. Do you flirt with random strangers if you find them attractive?
    24. What do you have in your tacos?
    25. What is your guilty pleasure?
    26. When you procrastinate what do you usually do?
    27. Do you think guys who take Viagra are lame?
    28. Is the weather nice outside?
    29. Where is your sister right now?
    30. If your life was a movie, what would the genre be?
    31. Do you smoke at least one cigarette a day?
    32. Are you any good at singing?
    33. Would you rather have a high paying job you hate or a low paying one you enjoy?
    34. Have you ever failed a grade?
    35. What's the wierdest thing you've seen in the past week?
    36. Do you know anybody who has committed suicide?
    37. So how is your day today anyway?
    38. On a average day how do you style your hair?
    39. Do you have x in your screenname?
    40. Are you suscribed to chyeah__mysurveys? Are you going to?

    1) Do you think going commando to school is gross?
    2) What is your favorite scent?
    3) What is your favorite thing about the opposite sex?
    4) When you make a mistake do you cross it out or erase it?
    5) Do you prefer new game systems or do you like old school stuff?
    6) What's one thing you hate that everyone else seems to love?
    7) Are your favorite fruit bananas?
    8) What's yout prized posession?
    9) What do you think about before you go to sleep?

    X IT
    [ ] I'm fifteen.
    [ ] I don't believe in those dumb chain letters.
    [ ] I don't know about you, but I like my men muscular.
    [ ] Fall Out Boy is amazing.
    [ ] I won't do a survey if there's too many mistakes in it.
    [ ] I prefer to apologize, break up, or yell at someone in email.
    [ ] My hair brush is black.
    [ ] I don't shower on the weekends.
    [ ] I wish I had an iPod.
    [ ] I prefer chocolate over candy.

    I want to be an astronaut.
    Summer is my favorite season.
    I go out to eat more than once a week.
    I haven't seen a movie in theaters for a month.
    I need to pee.
    I know how to take care of myself.
    I've been home alone for more than 24 hours.
    I am addicted to Myspace.
    I love my family more than anything else.
    I should be doing homework but I'm procrastinating.

    1) First love:
    2) First job:
    3) First pet:
    4) First favorite food:
    5) First best friend:
    6) Last kiss:
    7) Last thing you smelled:
    8) Last survey you did:
    9) Last thing you touched (nothing related to the computer:
    10) Last person you hugged:

    1) Food:
    2) Girl:
    3) Boy:
    4) hi i`m,
    5) Store:
    6) Country:
    7) Song:
    8) Band:
    9) Color:
    10) Season:

    Hi, my name is [ ] and this is going to be a [ ] summer. I live in [ ], so the weather will be [ ]. I get out of school/got out on [ ]. I was [ ] that school was over because [ ]. I go to the school [ ]. On a regular summer day, I'll probably wake up at [ ] and go to sleep at [ ], and on an average day I'll do [ ], [ ] and [ ]. Something important happening in wish wasn't happening is the summer is [ ] and something I [ ]. Something I'd love to happen is [ ]. The two people I'm probably going to hang out most with is [ ] and [ ] because they [ ]. I listen to a lot of music in the summer, my favorite band is [ ] and I love to listen to the song [ ] because [ ]. My favorite summer hangout is [ ] since it is [ ]. Usually my summers are [ ]. In the summer [ ] drink alcohol, smoke, or do drugs. My favorite thing about my house in the summer is [ ] and I [ ] to have friends over. My favorite thing in general about summer is [ ]. The thing that I guess I sort of miss about school is [ ] but I always forget about that when I see this person, [ ]. I [ ] have a boyfriend, and his name is [ ]. My favorite thing to do with boys is [ ]. My favorite place for them to take me is [ ], and I love it when they [ ]. I like to go shopping in the summer, my favorite stores are [ ] and [ ]. The most annoying thing about summer is [ ]. In the summer I play this sport, [ ] and do these activities [ ]. If I could go anywhere for a vacation this summer, it would be [ ]. I'd take [ ], [ ] and [ ] with me and I'd bring my favorite item, [ ] with me. The only bad thing that is happening in the summer is [ ], but that's OK. My soundtrack for summer is [ ] by [ ]. Before the summer ends, I have to make sure I [ ]. I'm probably going to do [ ] surveys, when I find the time. When the summer ends, I'm going to be [ ]. There [ ] going to be changes going on this summer. My main 3 things I need to have with me this summer is [ ], [ ] and [ ]. My goal to achieve by the end of it is [ ]. Generally, I'm pretty sure this summer is going to [ ].


    1. Do you believe that everyone has a soulmate?
    2. Are you in love right now?
    3. Are you in a relationship?
    4. What are the 5 things your boyfriend/girlfriend needs to have for you to fall in love with them?
    5. Complete the sentence: A good relationship needs to have...?
    6. What's the farthest you've gone in a relationship? What about with someone you weren't going out with?

    7. What is one thing over the past few years that you've learned about love?
    8. Do you consider yourself to be more of a flirt or a serious relationships kind of girl?
    9. If your boyfriend was cheating on you, would you dump him or give him a second chance?
    10. What song reflects your love life at the moment?

    11. Do you have one, true best friend that you value above the rest?
    12. Do your friends come before other important things, like family?
    13. If a friend did something to really hurt you, would you forgive her, or what else would you do?
    14. Do your friends come to you for advice or do you go to them?
    15. Do you feel like you have to impress your friends or can you just be yourself around them?
    16. How often do you hang out with your group of friends?
    17. Be honest: do you think you will still be good friends with them in 10 years?
    18. Can you talk to your friends about anything?
    19. Are you an your friends completely different or more or less the same?
    20. Are you thankful you have such great friends?

    21. Are you on your teachers good side? Why or why not?
    22. Do you do well in school?
    23. Have you recieved any awards at school?
    24. Has this year been a pretty good year for you so far?
    25. What's the best thing that's happened so far in the school year?
    26. What is the worst thing?
    27. Do you actually like coming to school? Why or why not?
    28. Are you friends with most of the people at your school?
    29. I know you'll probably hate this question, but what dumb high school stereotype are you labelled under?
    30. If you could change one thing about your school, what would it be?

    31. Does family come first for you?
    32. Do you dislike any of your family members? If so, which ones and why?
    33. Who are your family? List them here and make sure to say their relation to you (sister, brother, etc)?
    34. Who is your favorite family member?
    35. Have you lost anyone in your family?
    36. Do you see your family often?
    37. Do you look more like your mom or dad?
    38. Are you adopted?
    39. Are you the youngest, oldest, middle or only child in the family? What are the good things about being in that position?
    40. What about the bad things?

    41. Do you belive in God?
    42. Do you go to church regularly?
    43. What holidays do you celebrate?
    44. Do you have a copy of the bible in your house? If so, have you read it?
    45. Are you very religious?
    46. What is your religion?
    47. Do you believe in things such as miracles, or the things that have happened according to the Bible?
    48. Do you pray before you go to bed? If so, what or who do you pray for?
    49. Do you wear a cross or any sort of religious item to show your religion?
    50. Overall, are you happy with your religion, and do you believe in it?

    51. Are you comfortable talking about your sex experiences with other people?
    52. How old were you the first time that you had sex?
    53. Did you think it was special? Why or why not?
    54. Do you have casual sex, or do crazy sexual things like threesomes, one night stands, or use sex toys, or do you just do it normally?
    55. What kind of protection do you use when you have sex?
    56. What is your reason for not having sex?
    57. Do you think having sex before marriage is a sin?
    58. Do you think you're going to have sex anytime soon?
    59. Do you have someone in mind, like a boyfriend or girlfriend, that you'd want to do it with?
    60. Are you scared to have it? Why or why not?

    61. How many songs do you have on your iTunes?
    62. Do you enjoy listening to music? How often do you listen to it?
    63. What sort of music do you like to listen to?
    64. List at least five of your favorite bands at the moment:
    65. List at least five of your favorite songs at the moment:
    66. How do you listen to your music?
    67. Is there a song that you feel sumgs up your life right now?
    68. What songs make you cry?
    69. What songs make you happy?
    70. If you started a band, who would be your inspiration?

    71. What is your all time black and white movie, and why?
    72. Do you like watching the Disney classics? Which one do you like the best?
    73. If you could live out any movie, what would it be?
    74. Could you picture yourself having an acting career later on in life?
    75. If you could steal the talent from any actor or actress, who would it be?
    76. If you could have any male actor all to yourself, who would you take?
    77. Are there any movies you could watch over and over and never get sick of? Which ones?
    78. What is your favorite made for TV movie?
    79. Do you prefer movies over music or television?
    80. Do you have a lot of DVDs at home? About how many do you have?

    81. What colour hair do you have?
    82. What color are your eyes?
    83. Do you have tanned skin or really pale, white skin?
    84. What is your background? What does your background make you look like?
    85. Where do you normally buy your clothes?
    86. What is your hieght and weight? Are you happy with this?
    87. Do you wear a lot of makeup? What's in your makeup bag?
    88. What part of your body do people compliment you on the most?
    89. Do you think you are attractive?
    90. What would you want to change about yourself, if anything?

    91. How often do you eat in a day?
    92. Do you think you eat too much food, and if so do you want to go on a diet?
    93. What is your favorite thing to have for breakfast?
    94. What is your favorite thing for lunch?
    95. What about dinner?
    96. Do you ever dine at restaurants for dinner? Which ones?
    97. Are you a vegetarian? Would you ever become one if you're not?
    98. What food is your guilty pleasure (something you know is bad, but you can't get enough of)?
    99. Are there any foods you like but no one else likes them? Which ones?
    100. Do you think about food often?


    Fill in the blanks!

    My prized posession is _______.

    My best friend is _______.

    He/she is my best friend because ______.

    I can't wait for ________.

    I hate it when people _______.

    The worst thing about people is ______.

    The reason people are getting so fat these days is _________.

    I don't get why ______ is such a big deal.

    I drink _______ in the morning.

    The meanest teacher at my school is ______.

    If I had to choose between my mom and my dad, I'd live with ______.

    We'd move and go to my favorite city, which is _______.

    And every day we would __________.

    My relationship with my boyfriend right now is _______.

    My best quality is _______.

    The thing that makes me most happy right now is _______.

    However, something that is bothering me is _______.

    A song I could listen to over and over again is _______.

    A word I say at least once a day is ______.

    I will not be nice to you if you ______.

    A friend with the same birthday with me is ________.

    When I'm sad, I ________ to cope.

    You + your friends = __________.

    The last thing I did was _________.

    My favorite food is ________.

    The last party I went to was _______.

    One thing you will never see me doing is ______.

    When I meet someone new, I will _______.

    This survey was _______.


    A Day In The Life Of... YOU!

    Rise & Shine, Darling
    01 // What time to you wake up on a school day?
    02 // Are you woken up or do you just naturally wake up?
    03 // Do you make your own breakfast?
    04 // Do you bring a lunch or buy one at school?
    05 // Bold what you do in the morning:
    Go running
    Eat breakfast
    Go to the washroom
    Feed your pet
    Talk to your family
    Get dressed
    Brush your teeth
    Wash your face
    Put on makeup
    Brush your hair
    Straighten your hair
    Put on deoderant/perfume
    Go back to sleep
    Clean up
    Help your little siblings get ready
    Do the dishes
    06 // What do you usually wear on a regular day of school?
    07 // Alright so let's say you decide to dress up. What would you wear?
    08 // Do you skip school or try to fake sick?
    09 // On a scale of 1-10, how hard is it for you to get up in the morning?
    10 // Do you look forward to going to school in the morning?

    RINGGG...Time For School!
    01 // What annoying stereotype would you fit into, if you had to choose?
    02 // Do you have a lot of friends?
    03 // What is your best subject?
    04 // What is your worst subject?
    05 // Are you on the honor roll?
    06 // What are the teacher's opinion of you?
    07 // Have you ever cussed out a teacher?
    08 // Are you bullied at school?
    09 // Are you usually invited to awesome parties?
    10 // Who are your best girl friends at school?
    11 // Who are your best guy friends at school?
    12 // Do you actually do your homework?
    13 // What about study?
    14 // Do you pass notes in class?
    15 // What is your general opinion about school?
    16 // What grade are you in?
    17 // ...Do you even go to school?

    Chilling Like a Villain
    01 // What time do you get home from school?
    02 // How do you get home?
    03 // What is the first thing you do when you get home?
    04 // Do you usually have friends over?
    05 // Or do you friends invite you over?
    06 // What public place do you like to hang out at?
    07 // Do you go shopping during the week?
    08 // What activities or sports do you do?
    09 // Do you take surveys a lot after school?
    10 // What is your curfew?
    11 // Do you usually go out on a school night?
    12 // Where do you go?
    13 // Do you think it's fun to party and hang out or are you too focused on school?
    14 // Do you get out a lot?
    15 // Do you get bored easily

    I Heart That
    Bold the things you like to do when you get a chance:

    Play soccer
    Go shopping
    Go to the beach
    Eat food
    Take surveys
    Chat on AIM/MSN
    Go bowling
    Go over to friends houses
    Watch TV
    Listen to music
    Go on the computer

    Catch Some ZZZ's
    01 // How late are you allowed to stay up?
    02 // Do you fall asleep in front of the TV?
    03 // What do you wear to bed?
    04 // How many hours of sleep do you get in a night?
    05 // Do you stay up on the computer really late?
    06 // Do you read before you go to bed?
    07 // What about listen to music?
    08 // Are you a heavy sleeper?
    09 // Have you ever cried yourself to sleep?
    10 // Do you take off all your makeup before you go to sleep?
    11 // Do you take a shower before or in the morning?
    12 // Do you sleep with a pet.. or if you don't have one, a stuffed animal?
    13 // Do you have to share your room with a sibling?

    Right Now
    1. What's your name?
    2. How old are you?
    3. What color is your hair?
    4. What is your best psysical feature?
    5. What is your best personality trait?
    6. Who is your best friend?
    7. Do you have a boyfriend?
    8. What grade are you in?
    9. What do you look like?
    10. Are you happy with your life?

    Two Years Ago
    1. How old were you?
    2. Did you wear glasses/braces?
    3. Did you have a lot of friends?
    4. Were you a bookworm?
    5. Did you have your first kiss yet?
    6. What type of music did you listen to?
    7. What was your favorite thing to do?
    8. Where did you like to hang out?
    9. Had you lost your virginity?
    10. What stereotype did you fit into?

    Five Years Ago
    1. How old were you?
    2. Who was your best friend?
    3. What school did you go to?
    4. Did you spend more of your time outside or inside?
    5. What was your favorite TV show?
    6. Movie?
    7. Type of music?
    8. Were you happy at this age?
    9. Did you hang out with girls or guys?
    10. Name your favorite memory from this age?

    Ten Years Ago
    1. How old were you?
    2. Were you in school?
    3. What did you look like?
    4. What was your personality like?
    5. What stores did you shop at?
    6. What was your favorite thing to do?
    7. Did you have a lot of friends?
    8. Can you remember much about this age?
    9. Was this age a happy time for you?
    10. Were you closer to your mom or dad?

    The Future
    1. What's one thing you want to do before you die?
    2. Do you plan on getting married?
    3. What about having kids?
    4. What is your dream job?
    5. What type of house do you want to live in?
    6. What would you name your kids?
    7. If you got a pet, what would it be and what would you name it?
    8. Where do you want to move to?
    9. Do you think you will ever find true love?
    10. Do you think you will be happy with your life?

    1) Name?
    2) Age?
    3) Location?
    4) Date of birth?
    5) Gender?

    1) What color are your eyes?
    2) What color is your hair?
    3) Do you get complimented a lot?
    4) Do people try to copy you?
    5) What is the best thing on your body?
    6) What is the worst thing on your body?
    7) Do you wear glasses/braces?
    8) Do you have perfect skin?
    9) Be honest, do you think you are pretty?
    10) Do you tan easily?
    11) What is your height?
    12) How much do you weigh?
    13) Do you think you are overweight, too skinny or in between?
    14) Is your hair naturally straight, curly or wavy?
    15) Do you use any hair products or do anything with your hair?
    16) Generally, are you happy with your appearance?
    17) If not, what could be better?

    1) Where do you like to shop?
    2) What is your style described as?
    3) Do you set the trends or follow them?
    4) Do you prefer to splurge or buy lots of cheap clothes?
    5) What do you have the most of in your closet?
    6) How many pairs of jeans do you own?
    7) What about skirts?
    8) Tops?
    9) Dresses?
    10) Shoes?
    11) Do you like shoe shopping over clothes shopping?
    12) What is one store you will probably never shop at?
    13) Do people constantly c' you on your wardrobe and style?
    14) Do your friends try to steal your clothes?
    15) Do you even care what you wear most of the time?

    1) First of all, are you a flirt?
    2) How do you approach a guy?
    3) When you flirt, do the guys flirt back?
    4) How do you flirt?
    5) Do people think you go a little over the top with your flirting?
    6) Are you single right now?
    7) Do you prefer being single?
    8) What are some pros of being single?
    9) What are some cons of being single?
    10) Are you usually taken or in a relationship?

    1) Have you ever been in love?
    2) Are you in love right now?
    3) Does the person you're in love with love you back?
    4) If yes, how do you know?
    5) If no, are you at least going out?
    6) What would you compare love to?
    7) How do you know when you've found love?
    8) How long has your longest relationship been?
    9) Are you happy with your boyfriend right now?
    10) Do you feel tied down when you're in a relationship?

    1) Do you wear a lot of makeup?
    2) Do you wear it on a daily basis?
    3) If so, what do you wear?
    4) What brands do you use?
    5) Do you wear more of it on a special occasion?

    1) When did you get your period?
    2) Do you get cramps?
    3) Has blood ever leaked through your pants in public?
    4) Do you prefer pads or tampons?
    5) Do you hate when people ask you if your PMSing?

    1) Have you had sex?
    2) If yes, how many times?
    3) If no, are you planning on it?
    4) Have you and your boyfriend ever talked about having sex?
    5) What is your favorite thing about it?

    1) Have you ever done drugs?
    2) If yes, which ones?
    3) Do you do them alone or with friends?
    4) Do your parents know you do them?
    5) If you don't do them at all, do you plan on it?

    1) Have you ever consumed alcohol?
    2) Have you ever been drunk?
    3) Have you ever passed out from it or not been able to remember what happened the night before?
    4) Do you drink a lot?
    5) Have you thrown up in public because of it?

    1) What religion do you follow?
    2) Do you belive in God?
    3) Do you go to church?
    4) Are you highly religious?
    5) Do you think there is a heaven and hell?

    1) Do you get invited to parties a lot?
    2) Have you been to any really wild ones?
    3) Which one of your friends throws the best parties?
    4) Is there booze at the parties?
    5) Do you stay out late at them?

    1) Do you care about school?
    2) Which subject is your strongest?
    3) Which is your weakest?
    4) Are you/have you been on the honour roll?
    5) What do the teachers think of you?
    6) Have you ever failed a subject?
    7) Are you a straight A student?
    8) Do you complete your homework on time?
    9) For you, does socializing come before studying?
    10) What is your general outlook on school?

    1) Do you have a lot of friends?
    2) What is your best friend's name?
    3) Do your friends have your back?
    4) Do you hang out with them a lot?
    5) Are most of them girls or guys?
    6) Can you count on your friends?
    7) Can you tell most of them anything?
    8) Are any of your friends mean?
    9) Where do you usually go with your friends?
    10) Do you spend a lot of time with them?

    1) Who is your favorite family member?
    2) Do you see your family a lot?
    3) Can you talk to them about anything?
    4) Who is the most annoying family member?
    5) Can they make you laugh easily?
    6) Do you only see them on special occasions?
    7) Do you have any siblings?
    8) Are your parents divorced?
    9) Do your parents try to embarass you in front of friends?

    The shuffle survey. Shuffle your iPod and answer the questions. Don't change the song you get.

    Song Number One
    What is this song:
    Who is it sung by:
    This song is my favorite song right now:
    This song makes me happy:
    This song reminds me of someone:

    Song Number Two
    What is this song:
    Who is it sung by:
    The band that sings this is one of my favorites:
    This song is a remake of an old song:
    This song makes me cry:

    Song Number Three
    What is this song:
    Who is it sung by:
    The lead singer of this band is gorgeous:
    How did you find out about this song:
    What CD is this song from:

    Song Number Four
    What is this song:
    Who is it sung by:
    This is a good song to play at a party:
    I don't like this song:
    My parents like this song too:

    Song Number Five
    What is this song:
    Who is it sung by:
    Someone in the band is female:
    This song reflects what my life is like:
    I downloaded this song illegally:

    Song Number Six
    What is this song:
    Who is it sung by:
    I've been to a concert of this band:
    This song reminds me of my boyfriend:
    Where I bought this song:

    Song Number Seven
    What is this song:
    Who is it sung by:
    This song really makes me think:
    This song is really old:
    It's one of my favorites right now:

    Song Number Eight
    What is this song:
    Who is it sung by:
    It reminds me of the summer:
    It makes me want to dance:
    This band/singer's music is overplayed:

    Song Number Nine
    What is this song:
    Who is it sung by:
    I don't know why I have this on my iPod:
    I could listen to this song all day:
    This song makes me really angry:

    Song Number Ten
    What is this song:
    Who is it sung by:
    This song is about love:
    It brings back lots of memories:
    This song has a music video:

    Song Number Eleven
    What is this song:
    Who is it sung by:
    I don't normally like this band's music, but I like this song:
    I can relate to this song:
    This song is about heartbreak:

    Song Number Twelve
    What is this song:
    Who is it sung by:
    This song has good lyrics:
    I wouldn't want people to know I like this song:
    I only added this song to my iPod because everyone else had it:

    Song Number Thirteen
    What is this song:
    Who is it sung by:
    I used to love this song then it got way overplayed:
    This song is about friendship:
    This song is so sappy, it makes me want to puke:

    Song Number Fourteen
    What is this song:
    Who is it sung by:
    This song is mostly all screaming:
    Me and my friends love this song:
    When I hear this song, I just want to get up and dance:

    Song Number Fifteen
    What is this song:
    Who is it sung by:
    This song is rap:
    The song is really degrading to women:

    1] Where is your favorite place to be kissed?
    2] Have you kissed a lot of guys?
    3] How many guys have you kissed?
    4] Describe your perfect kiss:
    5] Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex?
    6] Do you use tongue when you kiss?
    7] Fill in the blank, you will only kiss a guy if they ______:
    8] Do you think you are a good kisser?
    9] What about your boyfriend/ex boyfriend?
    10] Would you dump a guy if they were a bad kisser?

    [ ] Upside down
    [ ] While moving
    [ ] On a ride
    [ ] In a car
    [ ] On the bus
    [ ] On top of them
    [ ] Lying down
    [ ] Sitting down
    [ ] At school
    [ ] Outside
    [ ] Inside
    [ ] In front of everyone
    [ ] In the rain
    [ ] In the water
    [ ] In their room
    [ ] In my room
    [ ] In front of my parents
    [ ] Older than me
    [ ] Younger than me
    [ ] On the cheek
    [ ] On the lips
    [ ] On the neck
    [ ] On the hand

    [ ] Skater
    [ ] Goth
    [ ] Prep
    [ ] Emo
    [ ] A gay guy
    [ ] Blonde hair
    [ ] Brown hair
    [ ] Red hair
    [ ] Different colored hair
    [ ] Blue eyes
    [ ] Brown eyes
    [ ] Green eyes
    [ ] Curly hair
    [ ] Someone I didn't like
    [ ] My friend's boyfriend
    [ ] My older brother's friend
    [ ] My friends older brother
    [ ] Who was born in a different place
    [ ] A guy my friend's hated
    [ ] Straight hair
    [ ] He wore makeup

    1] Who was the last person to kiss you?
    2] Was it a good kiss?
    3] Was the guy/girl cute?
    4] Were you in love with him?
    5] Was the person your boyfriend?
    6] If yes, are you still together?
    7] How long ago was this kiss?
    8] Where did the kiss take place?
    9] Rate the kiss out of
    10] Would you kiss this person again?

    For each statement, bold the number that reflects how you feel about it, with 1 being you strongly disagree and 5 being you completely agree.

    1. I am very social and popular.
    1  2  3  4  5

    2. Sometimes I feel like no one really understands me.
    1  2  3  4  5

    3. I can always talk to my mom when I need to.
    1  2  3  4  5

    4. I care a lot about the world and what is going on in it.
    1  2  3  4  5

    5. I never help people who are being bullied.
    1  2  3  4  5

    6. When something goes wrong, I always blame somebody else for my actions.
    1  2  3  4  5

    7. All I need is a good book and a cozy place to sit and I'm entertained.
    1  2  3 4  5

    8. I am brutally honest, even when it hurts.
    1  2  3  4  5

    9. I am very confident about myself and can name at least three qualities I like in myself.
    1  2  3  4  5

    10. I never blab people's secrets.
    1  2  3  4  5

    11. I have had a very upsetting past.
    1  2  3  4  5

    12. I think I have finally found true love.
    1  2  3  4  5

    13. People are too materialistic these days.
    1  2  3  4  5

    14. Abortion is never acceptable.
    1  2  3  4  5

    15. I am too emotional.
    1  2  3  4  5

    True or false survey.

    1. I have gone further than second base.

    2. I blare the music when I'm in the car.

    3. One of my worst habits is biting my nails.

    4. I have wished on a star.

    5. I am single.

    6. I hate being in real relationships.

    7. I've played 7 Minutes In Heaven.

    8. I am under the age of 18.

    9. I have acne.

    10. I've loved someone so much it hurt.

    11. I get jealous easily.

    12. I'm nice to everyone.

    13. My eyes are my best feature.

    14. I want to see Shrek the ThirdAMf-mo_tFlA.

    15. My boyfriend is amazing.

    16. I'm fine with being single.

    17. I'm a vegetarian.

    18. At some point, I've lost the will to live.

    19. I like wearing leggings under my skirts.

    20. I'm a horrible liar.

    21. I like rap music.

    22. Someone has told me I should be a model.

    23. I drink too much water.

    24. I'm the youngest in the family.

    25. I am stressed out.

    26. Kelly Clarkson was the best American Idol.

    27. I read the tabloids.

    28. I am diabetic.

    29. I am truly happy with my life.

    30. I like Facebook better than Myspace.

    1. Friend:
    2. Thing you bought on your own:
    3. Concert you went to:
    4. Favorite CD:
    5. Obsession:
    6. Favorite food:
    7. Cell phone:
    8. Car:
    9. Job:
    10. School:
    11. Vacation:
    12. Boyfriend:
    13. Shopping Spree:
    14. Kiss:
    15. Crush:

    1. Dollar spent:
    2. Friend talked to:
    3. Person you talked to on the phone:
    4. Thing you ate:
    5. Place you went:
    6. Fight:
    7. Song listened to:
    8. Movie watched:
    9. Time you laughed:
    10. Time you cried:
    11. Guy you kissed:
    12. Word you said:
    13. Person you saw:
    14. Store you shopped at:
    15. Picture you took:

    1. Favorite band:
    2. Best friend:
    3. Boyfriend/crush:
    4. Place you live:
    5. School you go to:
    6. Thing to do:
    7. Sport you play:
    8. Favorite movie:
    9. Favorite song:
    10. Favorite food:
    11. Favorite celebrity:
    12. Favorite drink:
    13. Favorite piece of clothing:
    14. Favorite accessory:
    15. Favorite season:

    Have you ever..

    1. Kissed a member of the opposite sex?
    2. Kissed a memeber of the same sex?
    3. Met up with someone online?
    4. Had sex?
    5. Smoked?
    6. Drank alcohol?
    7. Laughed at a retarded person?
    8. Been drunk?
    9. Been to a concert?
    10. Been felt up?
    11. Went streaking?
    12. Went skinnydipping?
    13. Cried at school?
    14. Loved someone you couldn't have?
    15. Been rejected?
    16. Laughed so hard something came out of your nose?
    17. Couldn't breathe for at least 10 seconds?
    18. Fainted?
    19. Threw up in public?
    20. Peed your pants in public?
    21. Had your period leak through your clothes?
    22. Slept over at a member of the opposite sex's house?
    23. Pulled an all-nighter?
    24. Had a job?
    25. Wrote a novel?
    26. Lost a loved one?
    27. Gotten lost at the mall?
    28. Been dumped or dumped someone?
    29. Hugged a stranger?
    30. Fooled around with someone you barely knew?
    31. Went scuba diving?
    32. Watched something die?
    33. Cleaned the house on your own?
    34. Gotten hit by a car?
    35. Drove a car?
    36. Played an extreme sport?
    37. Bought something from Abercrombie?
    38. Ran away from home?
    39. Broken a bone?
    40. Given a lapdance?
    41. Played strip poker?
    42. Watched porn?
    43. Insulted someone to their face?
    44. Started a rumour about someone?
    45. Talked behind a friend's back?
    46. Sang in front of a huge audience?
    47. Made out with someone?
    48. Had a party?
    49. Eaten sushi?
    50. Laughed yourself to sleep?
    51. Cried yourself to sleep?
    52. Cried over a boy?
    53. Gotten in a fight with a sibling?
    54. Slapped someone across the face?
    55. Trashed talked someone then acted like their best friend the next day?
    56. Been online for 8+ hours?
    57. Watched television for 8+ hours?
    58. Kissed/fooled around with someone in front of at least two other people?
    59. Been on a date?
    60. Avoided/ignored somebody?
    61. Been stalked?
    62. Met a celebrity?
    63. Had a tea party?
    64. Failed a test?
    65. Got a perfect score on something?
    66. Kicked a guy in the balls?
    67. Ridden a horse?
    68. Cut yourself?
    69. Thought about committing suicide?
    70. Given a guy a blowjob?
    71. Ditched somebody?
    72. Stopped talking to a friend?
    73. Moved out of town?
    74. Gotten in a fist fight?
    75. Been in a fight with a friend for a week?
    76. Babysat?
    77. Been arrested?
    78. Asked somebody out?
    79. Watched a scary movie?
    80. Been asked out by someone you never would have expected to ask you out?
    81. Got caught shoplifting?
    82. Sat on your butt all day?
    83. Made a survey?
    84. Gotten cut from a sports team?
    85. Starred in the school play?
    86. Been raped?
    87. Danced like a whore?
    88. Been called a whore/slut?
    89. Danced in the rain?
    90. Been on a train?
    91. Kissed someone on the lips?
    92. Been told you have beautiful eyes?
    93. Been told you have beautiful hair?
    94. Bunjee jumped?
    95. Been to Jamaica?
    96. Told someone you love them?
    97. Been in a relationship for over a year?
    98. Done drugs?
    99. Been to prom?
    100. Been in love?



    + Name:
    + Age:
    + Location:
    + Hair color:
    + Eye color:
    + Glasses/braces:
    + Freckles:
    + Skin problems:
    + Tanned or pale:
    + Best physical quality:
    + Worst physical quality:
    + Best personality trait:
    + Worst personality trait:
    + Family members:
    + Style:
    + Type of music:
    + Parents names:

    + Where did you meet him:
    + How old were you:
    + How old was he:
    + How long again did you meet:
    + Who did you meet him through:
    + Was it at school:
    + If yes, were you in the same classes:
    + Was it love at first sight:
    + What were your first thoughts:
    + Did you think he was boyfriend material:
    + Was he single:

    + Could you tell he liked you:
    + Did you flirt:
    + Did you talk a lot:
    + Were you good friends before:
    + Did you see each other every day:
    + Did you hang out a lot:
    + Who was the first person to share their feelings:
    + Who asked who out:

    + How far into the relationship did you kiss:
    + Hold hands:
    + Make out:
    + Who put more effort into the relationship:

    + Where did you go:
    + When was it:
    + Was it a group date:
    + Was it fun:
    + Did you kiss or anything there:
    + Did he pay:
    + Was it a good date:
    + Rate it out of 10:

    + What did you guys argue about:
    + Did they use a pickup line when they asked you out:
    + What did your friends think of him:
    + What did your family think of him:
    + Did he ever meet your parents:
    + What kind of stuff did you guys do together:
    + Did any of your friend hate him:
    + Why:
    + Did you ever have sex:
    + If yes, how did you feel about it:
    + If no, were you planning on it:
    + What was the longest you had gone without seeing each other:

    + Thing shared:
    + Thing he bought for you:
    + Kiss:
    + Secret:
    + Lie:
    + Inside joke:
    + All night talk session:
    + Talk on the phone:
    + Time you said I love you:

    + Were they friends with him too:
    + Do they know him well:
    + Did they like him:
    + Did they approve of the relationship:
    + Were they jealous:
    + Did you go on group dates with them:
    + Did they get along:

    + Did you love him:
    + Did he love you:
    + Did he ever say he did:
    + What did he do to prove he did:
    + Did you ever think he was the one:
    + Did you put him before friends:
    + What about before family:
    + Did you not love him at all:
    + Did you tell him you loved him and not meant it:

    + Have you been through anything tough together (other than breaking up):
    + What was it:
    + Did you work things out:
    + Were you happy that you did:
    + Have they seen you cry:
    + Have you seen him cry:
    + Did you make him cry:
    + Has he made you cry:
    + What did you do to fix your relationship problems:

    + Who broke up with who:
    + What was said:
    + Did anyone cry:
    + What was the reason:
    + Did you do it in person:
    + If yes, was it alone or in front of people:
    + If no, how did you do it:
    + Were you happy to do it:
    + Was it hard to do:

    + Are you still friends:
    + Is he going out with someone right now:
    + Does he still like you:
    + Do you still like him:
    + Are you shy around him:
    + Do you still flirt:
    + Would you take him back:
    + Is there anything you would change:
    + Will you always love him:

    The Sleep Survey!
    1) What time do you usually go to bed at?
    2) What do you sleep in?
    3) Describe your bed:
    4) Do you sleep alone or have to share a bed?
    5) What position do you sleep in?
    6) Do you sleep on your back, side, or front?
    7) Do you snore?
    8) Do you use a pillow?
    9) Do you sleep underneath the covers?
    10) How long does it take you to fall asleep?
    11) How do you fall asleep?
    12) Do you sleep with a light on?
    13) Do you fall asleep in front of the TV?
    14) Have you ever sleep walked?
    15) Do you wake up in the night to go to the washroom?
    16) How many hours of sleep do you get?
    17) Do you even sleep at all?
    18) If you can't sleep, what do you do?
    19) Do you remember your dreams?
    20) Do you have nightmares?
    21) If you can remember, what's the wierdest dream/nightmare you've had?
    22) What's the reason you usually can't fall asleep?
    23) What are your wierd sleeping habits?
    24) Do you sleep in?
    25) Do you usually get a good sleep?

    50 Questions About Your School

    1. What is your school called?
    2) What grade are you in?
    3) How long have you been going there?
    4) What are your school colors?
    5) What is your school mascot?
    6) Who are your best friends at school?
    7) Name all your classes at school:
    8) Who is your favorite teacher?
    9) Who is your least favorite teacher?
    10) Favorite class?
    11) Least favorite class?
    12) Do you get a lot of homework?
    13) Do you show a lot of school spirit?
    14) What time does school start at?
    15) What time do you have to get up at?
    16) How do you get to and from school?
    17) What time does it end at?
    18) Are you involved in any sports? If yes, what ones?
    19) What about activities? What ones?
    20) Do you have recess still?
    21) Most pointless class?
    22) Have you ever won an award?
    23) Are you on the teacher's good side?
    24) Have you ever been sick at school?
    25) Do you go to your school dances?
    26) Does your boyfriend go to your school?
    27) What is the best thing about school?
    28) What is the worst thing?
    29) Do you like school?
    30) Do you listen in class?
    31) What are your grades like?
    32) Have you gotten a detention?
    33) What about a suspension?
    34) Have you cried at school?
    35) Do you go on the computer at school?
    36) Are the sports teams at your school any good?
    37) Do you enjoy being at school?
    38) Do most of your friends go to your school?
    39) How long are your spring breaks?
    40) What about winter breaks?
    41) Summer breaks?
    42) Do you have assemblies often?
    43) Is your school a high school or middle school?
    44) Do you know a lot of people at school?
    45) What's one club you'd never be caught dead joining?
    46) What's your stereotype?
    47) Are you involved in the school play?
    48) Do you wish you were at another school?
    49) Are you on the honor roll?
    50) If you could sum up school in one word, what would it be?

    My hair is brown
    My hair is blonde
    My hair is red
    My hair is black
    My hair is a colour that wasn't listed
    I love my hair
    I don't like my hair
    I cut my own hair
    My hair is straight
    My hair is wavy
    My hair is curly
    My hair is short
    My hair is long
    My hair is in between
    I use products in my hair
    I use a straightener
    I use a curling iron
    People compliment on my hair
    People don't like my hair
    I dye my hair
    I have highlights
    I put it up in a ponytail
    I keep it down
    I keep it half up, half down
    I style it a lot of different ways
    My hair is my favorite thing about me

    I have blue eyes
    I have brown eyes
    I have green eyes
    My eye color isn't listed here
    My eyes are big
    My eyes are small
    I have long eyelashes
    I get my eyebrows done
    I have glasses
    I wear contacts
    People compliment my eyes
    My eyes are my favorite thing about me

    I have a heart shaped face
    I have a square shaped face
    I have a circle shaped face
    I have an oval shaped face
    I have perfect skin
    I burn easily
    I tan easily
    My skin is pale
    I am white
    I am black
    I am Hispanic
    I am Korean/Chinese/Japanese
    I have freckles
    I have acne
    My skin gets complimented
    My face gets complimented
    The face & skin is my favorite part about me

    My teeth are really white
    They are yellow
    They're in between
    They are straight
    I have braces
    I brush my teeth every day
    I have bad breath
    I use mouthwash or breathmints
    I have thin lips
    I have big lips
    My lips are very attractive
    My lips have been kissed
    They never have! :(
    People wish they had nice lips like me

    I am skinny
    I am fat
    I am in between
    I have an hourglass figure (big butt and boobs)
    I have an apple figure (big boobs, small butt)
    I have a pear figure (small boobs, big butt)
    I have no figure at all
    I have no curves
    Guys are attracted to my body
    Girls envy my body
    I want to lose weight
    I have a big butt
    I have a small butt
    I like my butt
    Guys do, too
    I wear thongs
    I wear boy shorts
    I wear normal underwear
    My cup size is A
    My cup size is B
    My cup size is C
    My cup size is D
    My cup size is bigger then that
    I have long legs
    I have skinny arms
    I have big thighs
    Generally, I'm not ashamed of my body
    I like it
    I hate it

    Bold the things you've done in the past week.

    1) Took a shower
    2) Did a survey
    3) Took a bubble bath
    4) Played outside
    5) Threw up
    6) Had a headache
    7) Had your period
    8) Was sick
    9) Skipped school
    10) Spent a long time online
    11) Watched TV for a long time
    12) Smoked a cigarette
    13) Danced in the rain
    14) Tanned
    15) Cried
    16) Laughed
    17) Hung out with friends
    18) Had a good time
    19) Did drugs
    20) Got drunk
    21) Learned something
    22) Got a perfect score
    23) Failed something
    24) Been asked out
    25) Asked someone out
    26) Went to your cottage
    27) Saw your family
    28) Bought someone something
    29) Got something expensive
    30) Felt loved
    31) Kissed
    32) Made out
    33) Took a picture
    34) Had a sleepover
    35) Walked your dog
    36) Peed your pants
    37) Fell out of your chair
    38) Wore the color pink
    39) Swore
    40) Had sex
    41) Wore makeup
    42) Wanted to kill yourseld
    43) Was really happy
    44) Rode on a train
    45) Moshed
    46) Been dumped
    47) Been fired
    48) Danced
    49) Smiled
    50) Been arrested

    [ 85 Random Bolding ! ]
    1.I'm involved in the school production.
    2. I've been to a Gwen Stefani concert.
    3. Winter's my favorite season.
    4. I take pictures of random things.
    5. I sleep with a light on.
    6. I actually enjoy gardening.
    7. I've been stung on the butt by a bee.
    8. I'm not in high school.
    9. I'm graduating high school next year.
    10. I don't know how to color inside the lines.
    11. My virginity is important to me and I probably won't be losing it soon.
    12. I've lost something then never found it.
    13. I can't believe Jaslene one America's Next Top Model, she's disgusting!
    14. I had a treehouse when I was a little kid.
    15. I randomly burst into laughter.
    16. I'm still just a kid at heart.
    17. I've sat on a bench when it had wet paint.
    18. I've seen a transvestite in the last 24 hours.
    19. When I don't know what a slang term is, I look it up on
    20. I would never shop at Juicy Couture, who would buy a $200 sweater?
    21. Hey, I have one of those!
    22. I live far away from my friends.
    23. I prefer to hang out with my family.
    24. I actually hardly ever see my family.
    25. I've asked a guy out or said yes to them purely for their looks.
    26. I'm a good speller.
    27. I'm addicted to the computer.
    28. All I want is an amazing boyfriend.
    29. I already have one.
    30. I've been in abusive relationships.
    31. People who participate in 4/20 are lame.
    32. I get called a slut, tease or whore at least once a month.
    33. It REALLY hurts when you poke yourself in the eye with a mascara brush.
    34. I have red hair.
    35. My mom's name is Kathy.
    36. I take dance classes.
    37. Pshh, I can't imagine myself dancing.
    38. My star sign is a Libra.
    39. My birthday is on a weekend.
    40. I sometimes wear pajamas to school.
    41. Kiwis are my favorite fruit.
    42. I love my hometown.
    43. Are you kidding me? When I graduate, I'm moving out of here.
    44. If I ever did move out, I'd go to a big city.
    45. I do a lot of surveys.
    46. I'm suscribed to chyeah__mysurveys.
    47. I'm going to do that now.
    48. The smell of subway subs makes me want to puke.
    49. Valentine's Day is pointless, but I like it anyway.
    50. I always seem to get dumped right before Valentine's day comes around.
    51. Grilled cheese is awesome.
    52. I'm lactose intolerant.
    53. I've had a one night stand.
    54. I'm happy with my life.
    55. I have a disease.
    56. I'm insecure and paranoid.
    57. I hate how some people think just because you wear black you're emo.
    58. I prefer staying in than going out.
    59. I took ballet when I was younger.
    60. I always try to write in jornals, but I get bored of them easily.
    61. Just goes to show you I have a short attention span.
    62. Some of my friends are gay.
    63. Psh. Justin Timberlake didn't bring sexy back, he brought ugly back.
    67. I hate people who smoke pot or have sex just to fit in.
    68. At my school, that would backfire on you anyways.
    69. My parents are still happily together.
    70. I don't use AIM, I use something else.
    71. I rarely share my secrets with people.
    72. I'm in the popular group at school.
    73. A teacher has confisticated something of mine and never gave it back.
    74. I'm drinking water.
    75. My parents spoil me beyond belief.
    76. I normally go to the mall with my friends.
    77. I'm Spanish.
    78. No one's ever seen me without makeup.
    79. My favorite animal at the zoo is the polar bears, they're so cute!
    80. I know it's bad for me, but I love McDonald's.
    81. I'm a snob about grammar.
    82. I sometimes talk to people I don't like because I don't like being rude.
    83. Today is Monday.
    84. My favorite day of the week is Friday.
    85. I actually do study for tests.

    My name is Adrianna.
    Or, I know an Adrianna.
    I eat cereal in the morning because I'm always rushed and I need something that takes 2 minutes to eat.
    I have actually edited Wikipedia.
    I find it disgusting that even twelve year olds are having sex these days.
    I hate when people try to talk to me when I have my earphones on!
    I hate when people say 'like' every second word.
    Laguna Beach is really pointless.
    I am instantly turned off when I see a survey with bad grammar or spelling.
    I don't know why Neopets was ever cool.
    Hey, I still go on Neopets!
    I hate people who think Chinese, Korean, and Japanese people are all the same..
    I could definetly live with music.
    I recently moved out of the state, and I miss my friends so much!
    People always confuse my mother for my sister.
    If I could get any pet, it wouldn't be a dog or a cat, it would be something unique and different.
    I was obsessed with Pokemon when I was younger.
    I've won a spelling bee.
    A lot of people are scared of me.
    But I would never hurt a fly.
    I've stolen my friends' clothes and never given them back.
    Most people can't pronounce my last name.
    Most of the time this is what I look like > :D
    More like > :(
    Bubble baths are so soothing.
    Hellogoodbye is really annoying.
    It's pretty lame how teenagers these days are so addicted to Myspace.
    I've gotten a Henna tattoo.
    My parents won't let me see my boyfriend because he is of a different race/religion.
    I hate it when people call things 'gay'.
    I would have sex in public.
    ^ Uh.. no thanks.
    I wish I had a British accent.
    I don't wish that, but guys with any type of accent turns me on.
    I have never been in a serious relationship.
    I have one of those infamous 'Myspace Mirror Pictures'.
    I have laughed myself to sleep before.
    Life just ISN'T fair.
    I don't care much for keeping up with the trends.

    Bold what applies.

    I dance around in my underwear.
    Yuck. I hate coffee!
    My name starts with a P.
    Asia doesn't deserve to be a pussycat doll.
    No, I LOVE HER!
    Ew, why would anyone want to be a pussycat doll?
    I was a fan of a certain band before they were popular.
    Fuck school, I want summer.
    I'm not photogenic but I love taking pictures.
    I know someone who died in the Virginia Tech shootings.
    I like to sing and dance while walking to class.
    Borat is my hero.
    I want to stab all those spoiled kids on My Super Sweet 16 [on MTV]
    I'm a Jake Gyllenhaalic! <3
    I don't care how comfortable Crocs are, you look like a dumbass.
    I have over 200 contacts on AIM/MSN.
    I know someone named Julie.
    Mmmmm, Mcdonald's!
    I've kissed a stranger.
    I don't like to be alone in the dark.
    Nor do I like to be alone watching a scary movie.
    Haahahaha Paris Hilton's going to jail.
    She deserves it, that whore.
    I think they should let her out, it wasn't her fault..
    Who cares.
    I really want an iPhone.
    I think I have already found "the one".
    I spend a lot of time online.
    I hate when people cuss so much in a sentence that I can't understand them.
    So far this survey is pretty good.
    I've fallen for my best guy friend.
    ^ Ew, that would never happen!
    I have drawn with chalk on my driveway before.
    I really want to go to the Eiffel Tower when it's all lit up at night.
    I hate Hilary Duff, but I must admit her songs are catchy.
    The lead singer of the band I'm listening to is hot.
    I hate when people whine about how they don't have anything, when they should be happy they have food and water.
    I've been out of the country before.
    I drink a lot of water.
    I have peed my pants in public.
    I know someone who AcTuAl1y TyPsZ LyK Dii5z.
    Yeah, that person is me.
    I've never had the chicken pox.
    I have given/recieved oral sex.
    I have attempted to write a novel.
    I always used to think the moon was made of cheese.
    I miss being a kid, everything was so simple and carefree.

    Say the first ones that come to mind.
    10 Animals
    9 Songs
    8 Movies
    7 Cities
    6 Websites
    5 Junk Foods
    4 Stores
    3 Flowers
    2 Best Friends
    1 Color
    1 Addiction
    2 Public Places
    3 Bands
    4 TV Shows
    5 Youtube Videos
    6 Things You're Wearing
    7 Things In Your Purse
    8 Cartoon Characters
    9 Magazines
    10 Celebrities

    List your top 3 friends:


    Now answer these questions!

    Number One
    1. Is this person first for a reason?
    2. How long have you known them?
    3. What is your nickname for them?
    4. Have you ever stayed up all night with them?
    5. Do you go to the same school?
    6. How often do you see each other?
    7. What is their mom's name?
    8. Have you ever had a crush on their sibling?
    9. Are you related to this person?
    10. Has this person ever made you cry?

    Number Two
    1. Have you ever gone on a date with this person?
    2. Do you enjoy spending time with them?
    3. Do they give good advice?
    4. How is their sense of style?
    5. Do they have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
    6. Are they attractive?
    7. Do they usually get a lot of boyfriends/girlfriends?
    8. What type of music do they listen to?
    9. Could you live without this person?
    10. Have you kissed this person?

    Number Three
    1. Can you talk to this person about anything?
    2. What is their best quality?
    3. If this person moved away would you be sad?
    4. Do you live close to them?
    5. Do you know their family?
    6. How old were you when you met this person?
    7. Did you meet them online?
    8. Have you ever partied with them?
    9. Do you hang out a lot?
    10. Have you ever talked on the phone for a long time with them?

    - 3 Favorite Foods -

    - 3 Best Friends -

    - 3 Best Movies Of All Time -

    - 3 Places You've Been On Vacation -

    - 3 Words You Say Once a Day -

    - 3 Colors That Look Good On You -

    - 3 Things That Make You Happy -

    - 3 Current Annoyances -

    - 3 Different Boyfriends -

    - 3 Favorite Foods -

    - 3 Favorite TV Shows -

    - 3 Things You Miss Most About Being a Kid -

    12 Things You Do Daily
    11 Foods You've Eaten In The Past Week
    10 Songs You've Listened To Today
    9 Things That Have Been On Your Mind Lately
    8 Nicknames You Have
    7 Celebrities You've Obsessed Over At Some Point
    6 Words You Say A Lot

    5 Things That Keep You Sane
    4 Movies That Deserve To Be Banned
    3 Things That People Don't Know About You
    2 Things You're Looking Forward To
    1 Favorite Person

    Check the things that apply. The category that you get the highest in is the hair color that you most likely already are, and if not, is the color it should be!

    -BLONDE -
    [ ] Someone has called you dumb before
    [ ] You often find yourself saying stupid things
    [ ] You care a lot about your appearance
    [ ] You are popular
    [ ] You have been called a fake before
    [ ] People don't take you seriously
    [ ] You agree 100% with the saying blondes have more fun
    [ ] You've never had a job
    [ ] You are rich/spoiled
    [ ] Everything is handed to you on a golden platter
    [ ] You make fun of the nerds
    [ ] You have forced a nerd to do your homework for you
    [ ] You shop at Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, or American Eagle
    [ ] You have never been rejected by a guy
    [ ] You shop more than you study
    [ ] You like to party
    [ ] You have already had your first kiss... DUH!
    [ ] Speaking of duh, you say words like that. Or like, biatch, or OMG.
    [ ] You like to live life to the fullest
    [ ] You love Starbucks

    - BRUNETTE -
    [ ] When you want something, you REALLY want it and will do your best to get it
    [ ] You are really smart
    [ ] You are/have been on the honor roll
    [ ] Life isn't just about partying and boys, you know
    [ ] You sometimes wish you were a blonde
    [ ] Nah, you hate them
    [ ] Whatever. It's just a hair color
    [ ] You wear/have worn glasses
    [ ] You would rather spend your money at a classy, expensive store than something tasteless like Abercrombie
    [ ] You can't wait to get a job.. or you already have one
    [ ] You have been called a nerd before
    [ ] You love the old classics like Breakfast at Tiffany's
    [ ] Audrey Hepburn is your idol
    [ ] You love to read and/or write
    [ ] You've had something published
    [ ] You'd choose true love over lust
    [ ] You'd rather have a small group of close friends than 57847598 acquaintances
    [ ] In school and out, you are always focused and try to stay at the task at hand
    [ ] You think you're like Whitney on the Hills: focused, hardworking, and elegant
    [ ] You get embarassed easily
    [ ] You are athletic

    [ ] Fuck the rules, you do what you want
    [ ] I'm just your average rebellious teenager
    [ ] You have a wierd color of hair
    [ ] ^^ And you love it because it's different
    [ ] ^^ No, you despise it because you feel like a freak
    [ ] You have always been different from everyone else
    [ ] You think the whole blonde vs. brunettes thing is lame, it's just hair color
    [ ] You have done drugs/smoked
    [ ] You have lost your virginity
    [ ] You do an activity that no one else does
    [ ] No one can label you, you are just... yourself
    [ ] You listen to bands that your friends haven't heard of
    [ ] People think just because you are unique that you're 'emo'
    [ ] Someone has called you a bitch before
    [ ] You don't have very many friends
    [ ] Photography is not just a hobby, it's your life
    [ ] You are obsessed with Myspace
    [ ] You have cussed out a teacher
    [ ] You don't care about school or your grades
    [ ] You have never been invited to a huge party

    How much of a spoiled brat are you? Just bold or X everything that applies to find out.

    [ ] You spend money like it's no big deal
    [ ] You are at the mall all the time
    [ ] You make fun of people that don't have as much as you
    [ ] Your parents give you money whenever you want
    [ ] When you're sad, you just buy stuff
    [ ] All you have to do is put on those puppy dog eyes and you can get anything
    [ ] You never leave a store without buying something
    [ ] Your dad lets you use his credit card
    [ ] Your parents never say no to you
    [ ] When they do, you just whine and pout and they will agree
    [ ] You think about yourself more than other people
    [ ] You have a designer purse
    [ ] You have 10+ pairs of shoes
    [ ] Most of the stuff in your wardrobe is designer
    [ ] Even your "bad" clothes are designer and expensive
    [ ] You have cried when you didn't get what you want before
    [ ] Someone has called you spoiled before
    [ ] Your parents are rich
    [ ] You judge people by the stuff they wear or what their parent's job is
    [ ] Speaking of jobs - you don't need to get one, your parents just load you with money and credit cards
    [ ] You won't back down until you get your way
    [ ] You buy stuff without even looking at the pricetags
    [ ] For you, the stuff at Abercrombie is a bargain
    [ ] You get people to do everything for you
    [ ] You've paid a nerd to do your homework for you
    [ ] You treat people with less money differently
    [ ] All your friends are spoiled, too
    [ ] You've thrown a fit in public before
    [ ] You always have to have all the coolest new things
    [ ] You totally agree with the saying "If the shoe fits, buy it in every color!"

    X IT BY 4.
    I'M _____ % SPOILED.

    How much of a bitch are you? Just bold or X everything that applies to find out.

    [ ] You don't try to hide it - you know you're mean
    [ ] You enjoy ruining people's day
    [ ] You always make fun of people, and you're not joking
    [ ] You've ditched your friends to hang out with a guy
    [ ] You've prank called someone
    [ ] You know you're going to get a high score on this
    [ ] You've led a guy on
    [ ] You've kissed a friend's boyfriend
    [ ] You've dated a guy that you knew your friend really liked
    [ ] You have gossiped behind a friend's back
    [ ] You've also started more than a few rumours about your friends
    [ ] You can't keep a secret if your life depended on it
    [ ] When you've gotten into fights with girls (and even guys) you've made them cry
    [ ] You've kicked a guy in the balls
    [ ] You have ditched somebody
    [ ] You have agreed to go on a date with a guy then changed your mind and didn't show up
    [ ] You are always the one to break up with your boyfriend
    [ ] ^ And you're not nice about it, either
    [ ] At Christmas, you never buy anyone presents
    [ ] You flirt with your friend's boyfriends all the time
    [ ] You've cheated on your boyfriend
    [ ] You lie all the time
    [ ] You've insulted someone in front of their face
    [ ] You've told one of your parents that you hate them
    [ ] You always make the guy pay on the date
    [ ] You love it when people call you mean, to you that's like a compliment

    X IT BY 4.
    I'M _____ % BITCHY.

    Are you a total girly girl or are you more boyish? Just X or bold these statements to find out.

    [ ] You get manicures and pedicures regularly
    [ ] You have at least three things in your room that are pink
    [ ] You get your hair done once a month
    [ ] You won't leave the house without makeup
    [ ] You own at least five skirts and five dresses
    [ ] You go shopping at least once a week
    [ ] You have a lot of beauty products in your bathroom
    [ ] When you walk into a store, they already know your name and size
    [ ] You did gymnastics, ballet or figure skating as a little kid
    [ ] You are always talking on your cell phone
    [ ] You like to be tan whether it's fake or real
    [ ] You would never shop at Hot Topic
    [ ] You own a ton of jewelry
    [ ] You sometimes cry when you watch sad movies
    [ ] You aren't athletic, unless you count pilates or dance
    [ ] You're a sucker for puppies, kittens and little babies
    [ ] You love to read gossip and fashion magazines
    [ ] Chick flicks are your favorite type of movies

    [ ] Your outfit on an average day would be a tee and jeans
    [ ] You don't put a whole lot of effort into your appearance
    [ ] You don't own anything from stores like Abercrombie, Hollister, AE, etc
    [ ] It would bother you more living with boring people than messy people
    [ ] You are really fit
    [ ] You play a lot of sports
    [ ] You have a ton of trophies
    [ ] You have more awards than anyone else you know
    [ ] You wear baggy clothes
    [ ] You have a lot of hoodies
    [ ] If you had to get a car it would be flashy sports car not a cute little car
    [ ] You swear your so boyish that the only thing that doesn't make you one is you not having as penis
    [ ] You aren't afraid to get your hands dirty
    [ ] You don't care if you sweat
    [ ] You date around a lot
    [ ] You've cheated on someone before
    [ ] You have watched porn
    [ ] You think about the opposite sex a lot
    [ ] You definetly prefer going out than staying in
    [ ] You don't get jealous easily

    X THEM BY 5.
    I AM _____% GIRLY.
    I AM _____% BOYISH.

    Which season are you most like?

    [ ] You love bright colors
    [ ] Easter your favorite holiday
    [ ] You spend a lot of time outside
    [ ] You are a very cheery person
    [ ] You love to go shopping for spring clothes
    [ ] You are totally innocent
    [ ] You haven't gotten your first kiss yet
    [ ] You're a very open person
    [ ] You will never be mean to someone!
    [ ] You don't understand sarcasm
    [ ] You love bunnies and rainbows and puppies and all that cute stuff!
    [ ] You're preppy

    [ ] You get cold easily
    [ ] You don't open up to people easily
    [ ] You think real relationships are a waste of time
    [ ] You love winter sports
    [ ] You do activites in the winter
    [ ] Christmas is your favorite holiday
    [ ] You like being around your family rather than friends
    [ ] You like to play in the snow
    [ ] You figure skated when you were little
    [ ] You ski or snowboard
    [ ] You'd choose a vacation in the Alps over a Carribean vacation anyday
    [ ] Hockey is your favorite sport

    [ ] You wear as little clothing as possible
    [ ] Summer vacation is your favorite holiday
    [ ] You hate school
    [ ] You love to tan
    [ ] You want to live in California when you're older
    [ ] You'd also love to live by a beach
    [ ] You love to go out and party
    [ ] Your dream house has to have a huge pool
    [ ] You are lazy
    [ ] You don't like to play sports
    [ ] You are spontaneous and outgoing

    [ ] You love to jump in the leaves
    [ ] Art is your favorite subject
    [ ] You love back to school shopping
    [ ] Fall is the most beautiful season by far
    [ ] You love photography
    [ ] You spend a lot of time kicking back at Starbucks
    [ ] You actually like school
    [ ] You think the weather is perfect in fall
    [ ] You'd like to have a career in the arts
    [ ] You're a good singer
    [ ] Thanksgiving is your favorite holiday
    [ ] You still dress up for Halloween

    Which Mean Girls Girl Are You?

    [ ] You are the most popular girl in school
    [ ] You know at least three guys that would like to go out with you
    [ ] You're a big slut
    [ ] You've cheated on your boyfriend
    [ ] You've been walked in on doing it
    [ ] You've come close to dying
    [ ] You have a nice house
    [ ] Your car is expensive
    [ ] You like to look nice
    [ ] You have blonde hair

    [ ] You're a follower
    [ ] You have brown hair
    [ ] You are reeeeaally tanned
    [ ] You do whatever people say
    [ ] You let everyone walk all over you
    [ ] You've been nominated for Prom Queen
    [ ] At least you're loyal to your friends
    [ ] You are really small and petite
    [ ] You have a rich dad
    [ ] You love your cell phone

    [ ] You are really stupid
    [ ] You have failed a test
    [ ] Nevermind that, you've failed a grade
    [ ] Nobody really likes you
    [ ] You try hard to fit in
    [ ] You have dressed up slutty for Halloween
    [ ] Your popular, but only because you are friends with a popular girl
    [ ] You have written something like the Burn Book
    [ ] You feel left out sometimes
    [ ] You've been on TV

    [ ] You're the new kid in school
    [ ] You will do anything to be popular
    [ ] You've tried to steal someone's boyfriend
    [ ] You've ruined someone's reputation
    [ ] You are the prom queen
    [ ] You were born in a foreign country
    [ ] You've ditched your real friends for the fake popular ones
    [ ] You don't really know much about music or movies
    [ ] You are good at math
    [ ] You've thrown a party

    [ ] You like art
    [ ] You're nice to the new kids
    [ ] You're not popular and don't want to be
    [ ] People think you're a freak just because you dress wierd
    [ ] You're different from everyone else
    [ ] You've been lied to/ditched
    [ ] You've gotten revenge
    [ ] Someone has started a rumour about you that you were a lesbian
    [ ] You've had your reputation ruined
    [ ] You used to be friends with a popular girl

  • Tips To Remove Unwanted Hair
  • For do-it-yourselfers, a variety of home-use hair removal products are available over the counter. These include shaving creams, foams, and gels; waxes; chemical depilatories; and electrolysis devices. Professionals at beauty and skin care salons and in dermatologists' offices provide waxing, electrolysis, and, most recently, laser treatments to remove hair. The cost, safety, effectiveness, and ease of use of the various methods, as well as the area and amount of hair growth to be treated, are some factors to weigh in choosing a method and deciding whether to go to a professional. Often, different methods are better suited for different areas. Upper lip ??“ Waxing your upper lip can sometimes cause sore, red blotchy mustache. Try using mild bleach instead of waxing. They are available at drug stores but make sure you test them on your skin before putting it on your face. It may cause irritation. Legs ??“ There are many ways to remove hair from your legs. You can wax them or apply ready hair remover cream. Another way is shaving your hair. But make sure to put a thick layer of either soap or shaving cream. Then moisturize it well after shaving. WAXING History records ancient Egyptian and Arab civilizations using sugar, honey and lime syrup to strip off body hair and even parlours today, practice this ubiquitous technique of hair removal. Advantages It's economical, so I still recommend this method. Secondly, it pulls out hair from the roots, so the regrowth time is reasonably long (4 weeks or more). SHAVING Marketing terms and tactics: A shaving system is a non-disposable handle that uses replaceable blade cartridges. A disposable razor, as the name suggests, is an inexpensive razor designed to be thrown out when the blade gets dull. A saftey razor is a double-blade razor designed to reduce the likelihood of nicks or cuts. Hair Removal Creams: These creams are manufactured in such a way that they dissolve the hair. These creams have an ingredient called keratolytic that will damage the skin if it is left on for a long time. Use a patch test the first time you are using a cream. But there is no doubt that they make the skin hair free, smooth and soft. Sugaring: This technique is similar to waxing. Here the removal solution is warmed and then applied on the area required with the help of a palette knife. The solution is applied in the direction of the hair growth. Then a cotton strip is used to cover the solution and torn away in the opposite direction and thus the hair is removed. Hair re-growth takes about six to eight weeks and it is fine. Electrolysis is a method where is only used most effectively by professionals ??“ even though you can buy the Electrolysis devices to use at home. Laser also is a much easier method for permanent hair removal of any body or facial hair, and is becomign more and more common. The process of electrolysis is made by removing hairs one by one by sending the electrical currents to the follicule of hair. It is the new method todestroy groups of follicules of hair in a sending of the electricalcurrent. The laser destroys hair only when it takes place the phase ofanagen or the phase of growth. The hard phase of anagen during a certainnumber of years and roughly 80 percent of hair of bodies take place in this phase. Ask a Question or Share Answers.You can also ask Health Questions and Answers at Discussion Forum. Girls can participate in Girls Forum Viagra Sildenafil Citrate 100mg US? $1.55 Buy Now! Cialis Tadalafil 20mg US? $2.11 Buy Now! Levitra Vardenafil 20mg US? $2.22 Buy Now! Viagra Soft Sildenafil 100mg US? $1.89 Buy Now! Cialis Soft Tadalafil 20mg US? $2.22 Buy Now! Special Offer 4 Viagra pills for FREE! US? $0.00 For FREE! PackagePricePer PillOrder Viagra 100mg x 90 pillsUS? $139.95US? $1.55Buy Now!Cialis 20mg x 90 pillsUS? $189.95US? $2.11Buy Now!Levitra 20mg x 90 pillsUS? $199.95US? $2.22Buy Now!Viagra Soft 100mg x 90 pillsUS? $169.95US? $1.89Buy Now! Cialis Soft 20mg x 90 pillsUS? $199.95US? $2.22Buy Now! More Pills pharma and adult blogsbrusing with coumadin, diazepam withdrawal and zoloft, lamisil rebate, herbal alternative viagra levitra herb, mdma brain damage, metformin and migraines, a215 oxycodone, butler animal health penicillin, recommended dose of penicillin, attorneys handling vioxxLink

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